Aubrey Vogel Ring Day

News Editor Aubrey Vogel receives her Aggie Ring this Friday Sept. 24 at 11:15am. 

Growing up, I can’t say I knew I was going to go to Texas A&M, but I did know I wanted to continue my education following high school. After becoming familiar with A&M traditions, I knew there was no other place for me.

From my first visit, I heard “Howdy” echo throughout campus and later had the privilege to answer ‘Here’ for fallen Aggies at Muster. I have only just begun my Aggie journey but truly hope to embody the Aggie Spirit throughout the rest of my life.

Getting to experience college in Aggieland has further opened my eyes to what being an Aggie really means. From standing as the 12th Man in Kyle Field to standing for the fallen at Silver Taps, this place is something magical. It’s true that “from the outside looking in, you can’t understand it, and from the inside looking out, you can’t explain it.” And the best part is I now get to carry the Aggie Spirit with me forever with my ring.

My Aggie gold will constantly remind me of the victories earned by A&M, including a 2021 Orange Bowl win against UNC, the trials of a global pandemic and the Aggies’ perseverance through it all.

Despite all the hard work of summer classes, minimesters and 18-hour semesters, I was able to receive my ring during the week of my 21st birthday. Two milestones wrapped into one. But to be completely honest, I may be a little more excited about my ring.

The journey to my ring was not without the support of my friends and family, to whom I owe my endless thanks for pushing me to achieve such a big accomplishment.

To my family and friends back home: Thank you for encouraging me and reminding me to focus on my goals. Without your endless support, I would not be the person I am today. Thank you for celebrating my successes as an Aggie and for learning my new vocabulary and traditions.

In addition to the thanks given above, I owe a special note to my Grandma and Grandpa: Your support of my college education and Aggie Ring will forever be one of my favorite gifts from you and something that I will cherish always. Thank you for making my college experience one that I will look back on and smile while remembering the good ol’ times.

To my friends in College Station: Thank you for helping to make Aggieland my home. I love that I have a group of people I can count on while five hours from home. Most importantly, thank you for making my college experience unforgettable.

As I get my ring placed on my finger this Friday, every assignment, paper and test leading up to this moment will have been worth any challenges endured, teaching me that I can truly achieve anything.

Here’s to showing my Aggie Spirit now and forever!

Aubrey Vogel is a journalism junior and news editor for The Battalion.

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