Silver Taps: Weston Alan Miller

Political science freshman Weston Alan Miller will be honored at the April 5 Silver Taps ceremony in Academic Plaza at 10:30 p.m.

A good friend to all, Weston Alan Miller was dedicated to ensuring everyone was treated fairly and had a heart for helping others.

Born on Dec. 19, 2002, to parents Kendall and Cindy Miller, Weston was adored by his entire family, including his older brothers Austin and Marshall. From a young age, Weston always made sure everyone felt included and loved.

Though Weston was the youngest brother, Marshall said he and Austin would find every opportunity to hang out with Weston, and often their friends even asked if Weston could be present when they were together.

“What was really special about Weston our whole life growing up, is that he never got on anyone’s nerves,” Marshall said. “Most little brothers were annoying and obnoxious, but we always wanted to hang out with Weston.”

Austin said as a young child, Weston would often ride around on his back as the family went about everyday activities. As much as his older brothers loved him, Weston showed them the same love in return.

“During that time, our age difference allowed him to easily ride around on my back most places we went together. Walking around the zoo, Houston parks or back-and-forth Aggie football games, he was riding on my back, talking, laughing, telling me to go faster to chase after someone,” Austin said during Weston’s funeral service. “Speaking of laughter, Weston had a laugh during his younger life that one would do just about anything to hear, Marshall and I, in fact, my parents would sometimes do just about anything to hear it — no matter what we broke or interrupted.”

In addition to his family, Weston also showed great gratitude toward his friends including childhood friend and college roommate, sports management freshman Alex Frugoni. From spending time at the Miller family houseboat in the summers to bonding over their shared love for “Star Wars,” Frugoni said Weston inspired him from the time they met in Kindergarten.

“Weston always was the constant for me,” Frugoni said. “Weston was always someone who was super friendly to everyone he met, but also very loyal to his close group of friends.”

Weston loved deeply and had a distinct list of interests including Aggie sports, the Houston Astros, reading and the color lime green, which influenced his choice in favorite soccer team, Germany’s VfL Wolfsburg, Frugoni said. Often, his friends would catch Weston in his signature green crocs, which he wore everywhere.

“He had like four pairs of lime green crocs that even in college, if he didn’t need to be wearing tennis shoes, the lime green crocs were on,” Frugoni said. “Our high school friend group [always] joked about that.”

Coming to Aggieland was a destiny for Weston as he came from a long line of Aggies including his grandfather William James Miller, Class of 1948, father Kendall, Class of 1988, and two older brothers Austin, Class of 2019, and Marshall, Class of 2021.

Upon coming to A&M, Weston quickly became an active member of Phi Delta Gamma fraternity, where he pitched in any way he could, even on crutches, fraternity brother and business freshman Matthew Isbell said.

“Weston was always putting other people first before him,” Isbell said. “Whenever you talk to him, you could really sense that he really wanted to be there talking with you at that moment, which I feel like is a rare characteristic for a lot of people these days. He was just super selfless and one of the sweetest souls I’ve ever met. He really embodied the Core Values of Texas A&M in his everyday life.”

From a young age, Weston fell in love with sports and participated in a variety of sports including skiing, wake boarding and soccer. Though, after suffering from bad knees, Weston endured four knee surgeries. During his most recent rehabilitation over the summer of 2021, he met friend Callie Hurley, who said the two bonded over their injuries and helped to support one another through the recovery process.

“Weston was one of the few people who understood what it was like to go through multiple surgeries, so he was a really good friend to have in that. He was always just a constant encouragement, and I think that’s what we were to each other,” Hurley said. “He was just someone that I could relate to and he could relate to me and find comfort in each other, [knowing] there’s people out there doing the same thing as us and that’s kind of how we bonded.”

Weston never let his surgeries stop him, though, as he would always find a way to help out while using his crutches or wheelchair. Most notably, Frugoni said Weston was at the Aggies’ win over Alabama when everyone in the stands stormed the field.

“There’s a hilarious video of him on crutches, jumping off the ledge and crashing onto the field to celebrate with everyone,” Fregoni said. “He wasn’t gonna let some stupid crutches stop him from celebrating one of the biggest wins in the history of this football program.”

From dedicating himself to his schoolwork to attending A&M sporting events and traditions, Weston’s friends and family all echoed his embodiment of the A&M Core Values at every point in his life.

“Selfless Service really speaks to me the most,” Marshall said.” He would give you the shirt off his back [and] he just cared about people so deeply. I’ve never met anyone like him.”

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