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January 14, 2002 - July 24, 2022

Silver Taps: Victoria Christine Solarek

A bright and bubbly personality, with a heart for service to humans and animals alike.

Victoria Solarek.JPG

Victoria Solarek, a zoology junior from Port Aransas, excitedly came to Texas A&M in the fall of 2020 to join her high school friends and boyfriend but, quickly expanded her friend circle across campus. 

While Victoria loved to spend time with her friends anywhere, they particularly bonded on the courts for volleyball and basketball. Her brother Ben said her championship title was a point of pride that she shared constantly. 

“She bragged a lot to us about how, when she did intramural sports, she, her boyfriend and their friends won a co-ed intramural basketball tournament,” Ben said. “She really loved Texas A&M, and she would always tell us about it.”

One way Victoria showed this love of her school was attending football games and Midnight Yell. Her other brother Josh said she even dedicated parts of her wardrobe to show her school spirit.

“She loved spending time with her friends, and going to the football games,” Josh said. “She even bought all-white cowboy boots specifically for the games.” 

Since her childhood, working with animals was always a dream job for Victoria, and Ben watched her grow up to join 4H and raise a variety of animals.

“The whole group of kids from there were really interested in A&M, and her lifelong goal, since she was little, was to be a [veterinarian],” Ben said. “Growing up we always had dogs and other pets, and our mom had a horse, so [Victoria] was obsessed with horses, it was her whole life growing up.”

In addition to their shared love of horses, Ben said she takes after her mom in her giving spirit, embodying the Core Value of Selfless Service. One of her areas of interest for service was with homeless people, Josh said, and regardless of context, she treated all with kindness and dignity.

“She always treated and approached people the same way,” Josh said. “Our parents were involved with ministry with homeless people. She was always nice, super bubbly and kind, treated people with respect and even told us about the people. If she saw someone having a rough day, she’d go out of her way to check on them.”

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