Silver Taps: Justin Magtubo

Electrical engineering senior Justin Magtubo will be honored at the April 5 Silver Taps ceremony in Academic Plaza at 10:30 p.m.

An intelligent, sharp-minded individual, Justin Magtubo was a passionate student who brought joy to his family.

Born to Rey and Gerry Fe Magtubo, Justin was born in Kidapawan City, Philippines, and was the first child and first grandchild born on his mother’s side of the family. Justin and his family migrated to the United States when he was only four years old.

A lover of nature, Justin’s mother said he loved to spend time outside and collect souvenirs from the places he would visit. While at Texas A&M, Justin practiced Kendo, a traditional Japanese style of fencing. Gerry Fe said one of her favorite memories with Justin was their trip to Hot Springs, Ark., last summer.

“We went fishing and kayaking, and that’s where he caught a big fish from the water,” Gerry Fe said. “He had the biggest smile I could ever imagine.”

Justin was incredibly kind to his friends and family, and Gerry Fe said he was a perfect child in the sense that he always focused on his studies. He had many interests, including piano, technology and online gaming, Gerry Fe said.

“He was just very kind. He will never say ‘no’ in case he hurts somebody,” Gerry Fe said. “He also had a big love for technology. Last summer he made his own desktop. He bought everything and built it on his own. That’s how much he loved it … he doesn’t buy the one that is already ready to use at Best Buy. He loved to make his own.”

Justin was a food lover who loved international cuisine, specifically Indian food, Gerry Fe said. He aspired to travel the world after he graduated from A&M.

“Every time we visit him in Texas, he always wanted us to bring some ingredients so he could make Indian food while at school,” Gerry Fe said. “After college, he had on his bucket list that he wanted to visit Japan and ride on the bullet train. That was on the top of his bucket list.”

Even though Justin seemed quiet and shy to those who didn’t know him, Gerry Fe said Justin was a good person with a caring heart and his nature was to love, and, in turn, loved by so many.

Gerry Fe said a fond memory of Justin was seeing him act like a politician, just like his Lolo Poten.

“During your fourth birthday at Mama Lola’s house you would walk around, meet and shake the hands of your visitors like a politician [would] do,” Gerry Fe said. “I never taught you how to do that, but I think you just inherited that from your Lolo Poten.”

Justin was extremely excited to be an Aggie, Gerry Fe said, and she called and texted Justin everyday to make sure he was keeping track of his things and eating well.

“I remembered going to bed past midnight to make sure you are back in the dorm after a late studying,” Gerry Fe said. “I remembered the first birthday I was not with you, that was your 19th birthday, I cried at work. I remembered the first time you told me you felt you had a fever and wanted to drive to College Station right away.”

As a brother and son, Gerry Fe said Justin brought his family so much joy.

“He did well in school, there was stress along the way as all normal engineering students face, but he always [did well],” Gerry Fe said. “He was a perfect child and a perfect son.”

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