Caleb Powell Ring Day

Assistant Opinion Editor Caleb Powell receives her Aggie Ring this Friday Sept. 24 at 11:15am. 

I became an Aggie by accident.

In fact, Texas A&M wasn’t even on the list of colleges I wanted to visit when I was a sophomore in high school. Spring Break had finally arrived, and my dad and I were planning to visit Texas Christian University, Southern Methodist University and Rice University. By chance, we decided to stop by the George H.W. Bush Library on the way back to Lubbock. Since we were in the neighborhood, we made a detour into Aggieland, laying the foundation for my future.

A&M wasn’t originally on my radar, partially because of the slander spewing from Raiderland. But I was enthralled by the Aggies’ friendliness, beautiful campus and rich traditions. Suddenly, A&M went from a random university in College Station to my safety school.

During my senior year, I had narrowed my choices down to SMU and A&M after having virtually every other school I had applied to send me a rejection letter. The former had offered me $220,000 in scholarships while the latter offered me a cool poster which I subsequently lost. So, why didn’t I go with SMU?

One day, when procrastinating on studying for midterms, I stumbled upon the Zachry Engineering Education Complex. I scheduled another visit to A&M, and the ocean-blue glass, vibrant greenery and bustling activity all but guaranteed a one-way ticket to my New Student Conference.

It may have taken two accidents to get me to Aggieland, but everything I’ve done since has been to build my future.

I’ve had to struggle through moving seven hours away from home, adjust to a devastating pandemic and completely restart my network of friends. Through isolation and overwhelming classes, I have somehow managed to attain the 90 hours needed to get my Aggie Ring.

I may have embarked on an unexpected journey, but as a wise old turtle once said, “There are no accidents.” And every step from here on out is one I wouldn’t trade for anything.

Caleb Powell is a biomedical engineering junior and assistant opinion editor for The Battalion.

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