Swiss Family Robinson

Disney's Swiss Family Robinson was released on Dec. 10, 1960.

Many fantastic films are turning 60 this year, but one in particular has remained a timeless story of family life. Director Ken Annakin created a heartfelt family adventure story with a handful of surprises in the film “Swiss Family Robinson.” Released Dec. 10, 1960, “Swiss Family Robinson” focuses on the adventures of a shipwrecked family and the bonds of their relationships while they try to survive their new lifestyle. The film industry recognizes Disney for their central values of family, which the film “Swiss Family Robinson” is derived from.

The individual characteristics of the film’s characters, such as intelligence, strength and curiosity, allow this film to be more entertaining because of the different relationships and dialogue between them. Each of the character’s personalities builds distinctive relationships that intertwine throughout the film and ultimately construct the plot. The playful banter between the three brothers, Fritz, Ernst and Francis, shows the intense bond they have as a family, but also leads to other problems throughout the film.

This film allows a variety of audiences to be drawn in through the interactions of each character and helps viewers identify with the relationship dynamic the family displays in the film. “Swiss Family Robinson” has its strength in the actors perfecting their individual roles to portray a normal, yet complex family.

Having 60 years of hindsight, the film is too simple. The plot of this film has not aged well from the standpoint of predictability, which sucks the suspense out of the film. The plot is too obvious compared to the complexity of modern cinema. “Swiss Family Robinson” is a film which would benefit from modernization. There are a couple of twists which shocked viewers when the film was initially released, but if it was re-released today, people would anticipate and desire something more.

The legacy of the the classical adventure came to life at Disney World through an interactive ride that allowed park visitors to experience scenes throughout the movie. “Swiss Family Robinson” takes place on a deserted island, and Disney recreated the actual home the family built for themselves in the film where attendees get to walk through the movie’s central location. Disney World is full of rides dedicated to many films, but very few of those films are 60 years old. Yet, the “Swiss Family Robinson” tree house remains in its specified spot in Disney World.

“Swiss Family Robinson” is a film anybody can enjoy no matter their background because the characters make you feel welcome and a part of their family. After 60 years, “Swiss Family Robinson” is yet another product of Disney’s magical ability to create timeless films that bring the audience uplifted emotions.

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