It's time to bring back the Lonestar Showdown

Quarterback Ryan Tannehill throws a pass during the last Lonestar Showdown in 2011.

In Aggieland, it’s said if something is done twice, it’s a tradition. What about 118 times? It’s been 7 years since the last t.u. game, a tradition older than the 12th Man itself. If our athletic director Scott Woodward’s claim that we are “booked 10 years out” is true, the fish class that year of 2032 will not have been born the last time we actually beat t.u. In not so many years, a generation of Aggies is coming that will neither understand nor care about this important tradition or the traditions that surround it, such as Pinky Wilson’s now 100-year-old Aggie War Hymn, and it’s sad to witness. Already four entire classes of Aggies, for the first time in a century, have been left out of this tradition. Let’s end the stupidity.

The t.u. students voted in 2017 to renew the rivalry by over 96 percent, and I assume an A&M vote would yield similar results. In my observations, people vehemently opposed to the rivalry renewal tend to be an extremely loud minority of alumni — which I don’t understand, How can you get more infuriated that the students somehow breach tradition by shouting first down at football games than at the fact that we suddenly ended a rivalry game older than the 12th Man. Listen to the students. It’s time to renew this rivalry.

I went to both stadium-packed t.u. vs A&M baseball games this year, and it’s undeniable what the majority of the people in the state want. However, pride and egos have gotten in the way of both schools, at first t.u. and now A&M. I know we are in the best conference in the nation, and we do not need t.u., but unless we want to scrap our traditions and start sawing tiger ears or elephant trunks off, why don’t we start playing t.u. again.

Aggie state representative Lyle Larson submitted a bill to require the football game. In a tweet, he stated the bill is “symbolic,” but I hope he will change his mind, because the administrations are not close to a deal, and the years are slipping away. I encourage all current students (and rational former ones) to contact your representatives and let them know you support seeing this rivalry renewed.

Lastly, Aggie alumni, I know y’all are angry at t.u and want to prove A&M is better, but everybody already knows A&M is better, so please stop depriving us of this great tradition y’all had as students. Let’s once again come together and Beat the Hell Outta t.u.! #RenewTheRivalry

James Hodges ‘20

Side note: Before joining the SEC, A&M had played LSU twice for at least a ten-year period as a non-conference rival (1960-1975 & 1986-1995). LSU will never be a true replacement to the t.u. series, even after a 7OT thriller, but it can be a great addition just like in the 60s, 70s and 80s, which would give A&M two exciting rivalry games to look forward to every year.

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