Lawrence Sullivan Ross Statue

The Sul Ross statue during a rare snowfall on Dec. 7, 2017.

Dear Editor,

Upon reading about the controversy over the statue of Lawrence Sullivan Ross a thought came to mind of some words of wisdom I heard long ago. I am a member of the Class of 1967 and I am also a currently enrolled student (It is just taking me a while to catch up with my class). Words of wisdom and bronze statues can stand the test of time I would think. A bronze statue certainly has a physical presence, where words of wisdom have to sometimes be repeated. What I have written below is an attempt to express these words of wisdom first heard over fifty years ago. Those words of wisdom were expressed to a group of young men, of which I was one, in the fall of 1963 by a member of the Class of 1966:

Time does come and time does go

And what’s left is called the past.

When you try to change it,

Your efforts are miscast.

Because it really happened

And you weren’t there to see

You didn’t live in those times

To know how life should be.

Now if things were just the same

As they were back then,

Then your thoughts would merit have,

For you to take a stand.

But take a look around you

On this campus where you walk

And then take a minute plus

To hear another thought.

For today is not back then

Things have truly changed

Diversity surrounds you

Brought about by mortal man

If this statue made of bronze

Does torment your very soul,

Take a walk to the east

And you’ll see a roadway old.

Surely you will notice

That this road goes both ways.

And as the saying goes,

You can take it any day.

Highway 6 is the balm

To heal your tortured soul

Travel down it either way,

And peace for you will show.

And leave us to those very things

That makes this place so grand

For you could never, ever see

The Spirit of Aggieland.

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