Haynes King message

The Battalion's sports desk addresses the Texas A&M football team's new starting quarterback, Haynes King.

To the new face of A&M football:

First and foremost, we as a sports desk are fully behind you. Every one of our writers and editors have dedicated their collegiate experience to the coverage of Texas A&M athletics, and your journey will be no different. We want to celebrate your highs, such as a potential 300-yard passing game against Alabama or a seven-touchdown exhibition against Ole Miss. When you succeed, so does the 12th Man.

We also want to cover your lows. The struggles you will certainly face as a leader on the team will likely mirror those of your teammates, fans and supporters, so we encourage you to be authentic and vulnerable at every given opportunity. Using your position of authority to open yourself up will inspire countless others to do the same. Whatever message you choose to preach, we are ready to amplify your voice and spread it across Aggieland.

That being said, the Aggie Core Values should always be at the forefront of every action you take. As the quarterback of a nationally ranked, championship-contending team, your name will soon become synonymous with the university as a whole. As such, take care to ensure you exemplify Respect, Excellence, Leadership, Loyalty, Integrity and Selfless Service in all you do. Without those six pillars, there would be no university, and thus no football squad for you to lead.

Lastly, take the time to slow down and look at the ‘why’ behind each of your teammates’ motivations. As sports editors and writers, we are often given the opportunity to dig deeper into the personal lives of athletes. Though we can’t report on every single background, they are all there, hidden beneath the surface of each player who steps onto the field. Find the inspirations for each and begin unravelling the stories — deepening your relationship with your fellow players will allow you to greater succeed as a quarterback.

Good luck, represent us well and Gig ‘Em.

Ryan Faulkner is a journalism junior and assistant sports editor for The Battalion.

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