Eric Mendoza

Student Body President Eric Mendoza says the success of the semester relies on following campus health guidelines.

Today we start the fall 2020 semester. Welcome back to Aggieland!

Yes, I know this semester will look very different — it already does. But whether you are a graduating senior, an incoming freshman or somewhere in between, we need your buy-in and help to make this semester possible.

The opportunity to return to campus comes with an equal obligation for us each to do our small part in retaining the Aggie experience we get by being back on-campus. This opportunity is a critical time for the Aggie family to continue to step up for each other, just as we have seen you do over the last few months. We each need to live out and exhibit our six core values in our everyday actions to ensure we help protect the faculty we will interact with, the members of our student body and community who are most vulnerable and the many staff members supporting our return to campus.

This means we need you to follow all guidance relating to physical distancing, face coverings and large gatherings. Essentially, we need you to wear your mask inside and outside when social distancing is not possible, and avoid large crowds. But it is not enough to only follow these practices on-campus. What we do off-campus is just as important to keep our campus community safe. I recognize this is no small ask of any of you, but the success of our semester ultimately lies with us all and within our everyday decisions.

This is one of the most unique times to return to school, but over the last few months you have all proved that perseverance is inherent to our Aggie family — a family that is no stranger to tough challenges. As Aggies, we always rise to the occasion and I know this time will be no different.

Do your part, be kind to one another and BTHOcovid-19.

Gig ‘Em,

Eric Mendoza ‘21

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