Eric Mendoza

Howdy Ags,

I couldn’t be more grateful as I write to you one last time as your Student Body President. I truly feel honored to have had the privilege to represent you every day. As I reflect on the year, I am incredibly proud of the work we have accomplished together.

Through all the challenges and successes of the past academic year, I am confident that the steadfast work of the Student Government Association and so many other key student organizations made a positive impact on our student experience. Texas A&M has never had a shortage of great student leaders, but especially this year, I want to thank the many, many students who dedicated themselves to the continuation of our Aggie experience. Whether in student government, an academic-based organization or any of the 1,000+ student organizations we have here at Texas A&M, your leadership impacted more people than you know.

The steadfast optimism, never-ending drive and relentless commitment to one another I saw exhibited within our Aggie Family over the past year constantly re-energized me and reaffirmed my commitment to you. As we move ahead, I encourage you to foster these same traits with those around you. Our student body will all face a new set of challenges head on as we continue into 2021. We have a large population of students from multiple class years that have not yet had the opportunity to experience a full year of normal campus activities or classes. Thousands of students will be reintroduced to many of our time-honored experiences this upcoming fall, and some of you will also be called to lead. This is a unique challenge, but one we should be excited to take on, together — one that our student body has proven it is more than equipped to handle.

If I could make one final request, it is that we each continue to do the little things that have always set us apart as Aggies: saying Howdy, participating in our traditions, especially when inconvenient, and exhibiting our Core Values in our everyday actions. For those graduating, congratulations. I know you will continue doing these things even long after you leave Aggieland!

I am sure I join you in excitement for the great fall semester we have ahead, and I know Texas A&M will be in great hands with Natalie Parks as your next Student Body President to lead you through it. It has been my honor to serve a student body I still feel so lucky to be a part of.

Thank you for everything, Aggieland.

Gig’ Em,

Eric Mendoza, Class of 2021

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