Mikey Jaillet

Mikey Jaillet is a finance senior and 2019-2020 Student Body President.

Howdy Ags!

It is with mixed emotions I write to you as today is my last day as Student Body President. This has been the greatest year of my life and all students at Texas A&M have played a role in this journey. It has been a true honor to serve the greatest student body in the world. Although my term is ending, I am confident Texas A&M will be in great hands with Eric Mendoza as the next Student Body President.

It has been the year of a lifetime and I believe the work Student Government has accomplished this year in conjunction with several organizations on campus has helped improve our University for years to come. Serving as Student Body President has been the greatest honor of my life, and I thank God everyday I had this opportunity to serve this wonderful place.

As much as I wish we could all be in Reed Arena for Muster today, that quite simply is not possible at this time. Nevertheless, Muster will still occur virtually. I’m so glad our community can remain united in tradition.

Texas A&M is a special place and I know that all of you think so as well. To those graduating this year, I hope you had one incredible time and lived your college experience to the fullest. To those who have a couple of semesters left, make the most of the time you have at this incredible place. It flies by.

The spirit of Aggieland is something all of us can feel and is something that all of us grow with during our years here in Aggieland. Take advantage of it. Saying Howdy, standing with the 12th man and going to Silver Taps is a part of this and it is my hope and prayer that the spirit of Aggieland will never die.

Thank you Aggieland for a wonderful four years.

Gig’em, God Bless and see you at the Chicken!

Mikey Jaillet

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