Richard Spencer

Richard Spencer, white nationalist and creator of the term “alt-right,” will be speaking in Rudder Tower this December.

Spencer will be speaking on the alt-right movement, a radical offshoot of conservatism which promotes white identity and white nationalism. Spencer’s speech will be focusing on explaining what the alt-right is, and how he believes this movement will affect the United States.

Recently, video of a speech Spencer gave at a conference for the National Policy Institute, a think tank for white nationalists and the alt-right, circulated around the internet. Much of the speech included anti-semitic remarks and Nazi rhetoric. At the end of the speech, Spencer said “Heil Trump, heil our people, heil victory,” and several members of the audience gave the Nazi salute.

Preston Wiginton, white nationalist, organizer of the event and member of the alt-right, said the movement is not about saying white people are better than other races, but that white people should be able to separate themselves and have pride. Wiginton has brought white nationalist speakers to the university in the past, and attended the Texas A&M University from 2006 to 2007 before withdrawing to go to Russia.

“If we want to have a white state, or a white community or a white homeland we should be able to have that,” Wiginton said. “We respect that for all people. If we look at the NAACP, black people have the right to have that. Why can’t white people have a WAACP?”

University spokesperson Amy B. Smith, senior vice president and chief marketing officer for Texas A&M, said that no invitation was extended to Spencer from the university.

"There has been deep concern expressed by our Aggie community about an individual planning to speak at our campus. To be clear, Texas A&M University – including faculty, staff, students and/or student groups - did not invite this speaker to our campus nor do we endorse his rhetoric in any way. In fact, our leadership finds his views as expressed to date in direct conflict with our core values," Smith said. "Private citizens are permitted to reserve space available to the public as we are a public university as is the case here. Public groups must cover all rental expenses so that state resources are not burdened."

Wiginton said the alt-right is against a double standard for races. During his time at Texas A&M, Wiginton clashed with Professor Joe Feagin, a professor at A&M whose research is based on racism and discrimination, as well as university officials. Wiginton said he also faced opposition when he attempted to start an official radio station that only played music of European origin. Wiginton said this would not happen with other races.

“Why can’t we celebrate who we are? Why can’t we have a political right to our system?” Wiginton said.

Concerning the Nazi salutes that happened at the end of Spencer’s speech, Wiginton said it wasn’t the right time.

“America isn’t quite ready for that,” Wiginton said.

Aggies and B-CS community members have reacted on Twitter Facebook to Spencer's planned visit. While some say it is a matter of free speech, many were outraged. There is currently a petition to stop Spencer's arrival circulating on social media.

Rodney Young, food science senior and member of TAMU Anti-Racism, a group that has organized protests on campus since spring semester as well as proposed a mandatory class based on race, said that although Spencer should be allowed to speak because of his right to free speech, he does not agree with the rhetoric he predicts will be said during the event.

“I can be against the rhetoric that he does spew and the anti-semitic commentary that he gives,” Young said. “It depends on what he intends to come talk about. I can assume he’s going to say some very derogatory terms towards ethnic groups, which is why I’m apprehensive about it. Ultimately, I can’t be upset about him coming because he has the right to say what he wants.”

Young also countered Wiginton’s argument that White people should have spaces dedicated to their race.

“When it comes to the whole need for White groups to praise themselves, I feel like it’s really unjustified. Because, in the majority of America, in every state, there’s no need for that,” Young said. “The reason there are groups like the NAACP and Hispanic organizations and ethnically based organizations is because we’re not acknowledged in our communities. A lot of times, these alt-right groups are created because they have a superiority complex and feel that their superiority is being compromised.”

Jared Taylor, a white nationalist and Alt-Right member who has spoken at A&M in the past, said the group isn’t directly aligned with neo-Nazism, although both ideologies can intersect. Taylor said the Alt-Right agrees with President-elect Donald Trump’s proposed immigration policies because it will slow down the rate at which white people are becoming the minority in the United States.

“I think the term ‘White supremacy’ should be retired from the contemporary vocabulary,” Taylor said. “I think a White supremacist is presumably someone who wants to rule over people of other races. I don’t think anyone in the alt-right has that desire."


Stephanie Akin, forensic and investigative sciences freshman, said the timing of the event could be perceived as inappropriate.

“It’s not exactly the right time for him to come and speak, especially after the recent videos going around with Nazi-ish tendencies,” Akin said. “A&M has been going through a lot of, not hardship, but media attention with recent protests and organizations that are going on. As long as it doesn’t bring negative attention towards A&M in general.”

Spencer will be speaking in Rudder Auditorium room 601 on Dec. 6 at 7 p.m.

UPDATE 11/23/16: This article was updated to include university comment.

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Rudder fought the n-a-z-i-s, and now one of them has been invited to speak at the building named after him. These white supremacists are a cancer that should not be tolerated. TAMU, I expect better from you.

Class of '86


Hate, racism, white nationalism... these are not Aggie values. It is unacceptable that this sort of hate speech be permitted to pass un-opposed. I hope the Batt's journos cover any potential protest of this event.


How is this even allowed on campus???? This is so shamefull. What a bad image this is for A&M.


While Richard Spencer has every right to speak at TAMU, I hope A&M will invite a speaker(s) who will make the case for pluralism -- perhaps someone with the NAACP, the Southern Poverty Law Center, LULAC, etc.


I don't dispute Mr. Spencer's free speech rights, but that doesn't mean Texas A&M should provide him a forum for his BS. This will give Texas A&M a bad name nationwide. I hope the university will uninvite this cretin.


Please, please do not let the propaganda that this man spews forth tarnish our cherished Aggieland. America belongs to all of us, not just white Americans. It always has and always will. Our diversity makes us stronger.


"America belongs to all of us, not just white Americans. It always has and always will."

Your statement is objectively false. The first immigration law on the books, 1790, Naturalization Act, limited citizenship to free white persons of good character. There was a brief period near 1900 when laws were loosened (irish, italians, russian jews, ect, were allowed), then tightened up again with explicit racial quotas designed to maintain balance, until 1965. The fact is america was by explicit intent and activity a white nation until very recently. This is a value free statement. Spencer would view it as good, the SPLC would view it as bad.

That aside, good for him. Aggieland has long stood for tradition and culture. Watching the tradition and culture of the country destroyed by those who have no value for it, nor should be reasonably expected to, is no different than watching 2 percenters (who are far more than 2 percent these days, if not the majority) tear down the culture of the school and the traditions we held dear. Yell leaders having to try and stop booing is one such relevant case.


Harrassing minorities is not part of Aggie tradition. That's exactly what Spencer's "alt-right" group does. You're trying to compare them to 2%ers, but 2%ers are still Aggies, and we would NEVER harrass them the way you people harrass minorities. Spencer shouts "Heil Trump" and does the salute. There are Aggies who DIED fighting against the real Na.zis in WW2. It's disgusting that you are trying to defend him.


Harrassing minorites and is not an Aggie tradition. That's exactly what Spencer's
"alt-right" group does. He shouts "Heil Trump" and does the salute. There are Aggies who DIED fighting the actual Na.zis. I notice that you try to compare minorities to 2%ers, but 2%ers are still Aggies, and we would NEVER harrass them or tell them they're not welcome. That is not what Aggies do


I am just laughing at this dudes idea of a white version of the NAACP is the WAACP......NAACP stands for the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.

Dude, don't you mean something like the NAAWP?!?

Matt Hickey

Did Wiginton really say that white people should be able to have a "WAACP"? What does he think the 'N' in NAACP stands for? Its deeply upsetting to see our alma mater giving voice to overt racism and hatred in the guise of an intelligent discussion. Free speech is certainly a valued principle, but not at the expense of propagating hatred and further marginalizing Aggies and fellow Americans of color. I hope this event will be shut down by student protesters if the administration does not have the courage to do so themselves. -Class of 2009

Texas Citizen

The A&M policy for free speech forum reservations ( does not designate rooms inside Rudder Tower for this purpose. How is it a person or group not affiliated with A&M (non-student, non recognized student group) reserves this non-Public space inside Rudder Tower?


Ewww, TAMU. Rly? Gross. You oughta be ashamed.

How racial bias can make you look like an uneducated moron and reflect poorly on the University who chooses to give you a platform: >

Well, Wiginton (guy who organized this event), I will tell you why. NAACP = National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. You want a ”White Association for the Advancement of Colored People?” Bc I'm pretty sure that is the opposite of what you want. (This idiot literally thought the ”N” in ”NAACP” stood for the THAT word [or one of its derivatives]? Always a word that is on his mind, I can only assume....)

Good Lord, TAMU, you can do better. Heck, my cat could do better. Why? Why would you voluntarily associate our beloved University with this filth? I am truly stunned. We would be a national embarrassment. No one is saying Spencer should be punished by the government/thrown in jail for exercising his free speech - OF COURSE, he has a right to his opinion! But the natural consequences of being a racist jerk are extreme disapproval and social backlash.

The bar could not get any lower if we don't have the integrity to say no to this. That would mean we are OK seeing his message spread among the audience that attends. What if he makes converts of the weak-minded? You really want to play a critical role in that? I can only hope that the only ppl willing to attend are psychology/sociology students curious about how any human being could justify to his own self the revolting garbage he preaches.


-KM, Class of 2006


hopefully no one will attend, and maybe they ought to outed if they do


As an Aggie Legacy and a student enrolled in a doctoral program here at A&M, I find this news to be unacceptable and contrary to A&M's policy of inclusion. We are a hugely diverse campus, and white nationalism is NOT an Aggie value. I do not have issue with this man's right to freedom of speech, but I do not think our tuition dollars should pay for a space that provides a forum for hate speech.


Weigh in! Just spoke to Katherine at the Presidents Office. Please email
presidentyoung@TAMU.EDU - AND call 979-845-2217
They request an email and will read each and every one.
They are logging every call.
This means they are considering public opinion.


You've got to be kidding me. Free speech doesn't include letting someone like this—especially in the current environment—have a forum in a non-public building like Rudder Tower. It means the government can't incarcerate him for his words (unless they are illegal). Why shame us like this? I am so appalled. Please reverse this decision. Please.


^^^^ THIS. Why doesn't the university simply say "you can't rent here"


Easy, if you look up special reservations with the TAMU rules they can only cancel reservations with a 30 Day notice. However, under Appendix XI of TAMU rules for reservation procedures, "in no circumstance will any decision be based on the content or viewpoint of the expressive activity or upon the expected reaction of others." So while they do not support their message as with almost all current students, they cant do anything about it.


As a former student ('97) I find this very disturbing. While there is a right to free speech, I hope the administration and students make it clear that his appalling, racist world view have no place at TAMU or anywhere else.


I would also like to point out the the Batt will not allow me to post the word "Neo-N*z* even though one is speaking on campus.


I'm an old Ag (class of '87 & '94), an A&M employee for 35+ years, and a staunch conservative (politically), seeing this just pisses me off. This guy does NOT represent the views of conservatives, nor those who support Trump.

Yet by giving him a pulpit to proclaim his hate, A&M will help to label all conservatives with his extremist views.


I'm glad that your biggest concern here is that conservatives don't look bad and not that this n*z* wants to wipe out all white people and make fascism our goal. I think this stands on it own without bringing your political ideologies into it. I know that wasn't likely your intention, but it's how it comes off.


I'm glad that your biggest concern here is that conservatives don't look bad and not that this n*z* wants to wipe out all white people and make fascism our goal. I think this stands on it own without bringing your political ideologies into it. I know that wasn't likely your intention, but it's how it comes off.


I am deeply saddened to hear that Texas A&M is allowing this type of hateful rhetoric to be presented on campus, and to be affiliated with the university in doing so.


It is ironic, galling and disrespectful that TAMU is allowing an admirer of Adolf Hitler to speak in the Rudder Auditorium. During WW2, Colonel Rudder -and his Rangers- fought and died crossing Europe while courageously attacking Hitler's Wehrmacht. Freedom of speech issues aside, I think it is an insult to the Army Rangers valor and heroism to allow this event to occur on the campus. Spencer can practice his sieg heils at another venue in town.


This is so completely disgusting to learn. I cannot believe an institution that I hold so dearly would even consider such a thing. Yet, we also have Clayton Williams on our building, so maybe I shouldn't be shocked. Please, don't do it! This is a disgrace. Such a disgrace. :( MMS '00


I'm no fan of this guy, but the Batt should dig a bit deeper. Spencer did not create the alt right, nor does he define all of it. Plenty of it has nothing to do with racial supremacy. That is just the mainstream media spin that is trying to discredit the movement.


Thanks for standing up for us, Brother.

I know you are in the belly of the beast and have what appears to be a real photo of yourself for your avatar. I commend your bravery!

The #AltRight has been around a very long time, albeit under different names. No, not Neo-N**i and not White Supremacy. Just everyday Americans, everyday Whites who don't hate themselves or their race. Who are sick of affirmative action, political correctness, and all the anti-White and feminist hate.

Of course we don't stand for racial supremacy. We don't want to discriminate against or dominate any race. But we believe White people have the right to exist as White people. To have explicitly White activities, White organizations, White communities, and YES, EVEN WHITE NATIONS. Just like every other race. And the USA always has been, and God willing, will always be a White country.

If not, and tragedy befalls the USA, it will sink into third world status. You simply cannot have a first world country with a third world population. We do not have "magic dirt" or even a magic Constitution. Liberia, and much of South America have constitutions based on ours. Yet their societies have even more corruption, violence, and poverty. Why? No, not racism. Race differences. They are real. Google it. Race is not just a "social construct." If you want to know who started that line of bull, Google "Culture of Critique."


We're not standing up for your values. You say you don't disrciminate but many "alt-right" people harrass minorities and tell them that they're not wanted here. That is not what Aggies do.


We don't stand up for your values. The "alt-right" constantly harrasses minorities and tells them that they're not welcome. That is not an Aggie value.


"We don't want to discriminate against non-whites. We just want them entirely out of our country."

"We don't believe in racial supremacy. We just believe all other races are inferior."

Either this man is insane, or he's a liar. Or possibly both.


We do not advocate for discrimination against non-Whites while they are a part of our country. Currently, Whites are discriminated against with affirmative action and pro-diversity initiatives. While we share a country, we advocate for truly equal "color-blind" treatment.

True, we want a country for Whites, by Whites, where our history & culture are not vilified. If you call that discrimination, then OK. Is it discrimination that Liberia's constitution says only blacks can be citizens? Is it discrimination that Israel requires a DNA test for some people to prove their Jewishness before being admitted? Is it discrimination that China, Korea, and Japan all have 99+% ethnic majorities and openly want to keep it that way? If it is, then fine, the #AltRight wants to discriminate, if only in who to have in our country.


the best thing would be if he spoke to an empty auditorium . he would absolutely love to cause a riot at TAMU. 2nd best thing, offer vomit bags to those who enter to hear the speaker.


So easy to passively read and be "deeply saddened" or "disgusted". Try not pointing that hate at the administration, because clearly their view points differ from this guy. Also try looking into the situation as to why the administration cant prevent him from speaking based on content, you might learn something rather than hating on A&M.


Look everybody, this protest is wrong BECAUSE

The First (1st) Amendment to our constitution states:

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."

Obviously, this has been expanded greatly from "Congress" to "any arm of the government." This Amendment is used to justify outlawing prayer in school, for God's sake. So I think it's crystal clear that a state government institution (remember, subordinant to federal law, thanks Supreme Court for ignoring the 9th & 10th Amendments), cannot prohibit someone based on the content of their speech.

Not surprising that it was started by one Sunaina Suhag. Gee, wonder why someone named this would fight against a White man advocating White interests?

Ms. Suhag, would it be OK if Mr. Spencer or I tried to block speech that promoted your own cultural identity in this country? How about your family's country of origin?

Mr. Young, a "mandatory class based on race"? Would this be one where the facts of racial differences were openly presented? Such as the massive differences in IQ & personality traits that are demonstrated in every single study? That IQ is well-correlated with reaction time, and as far as I know reaction time can in no way be considered a "racist" construct. Or would it be yet more cultural marxist PC propaganda? Do A&M students really want to spend their tuition dollars on yet more indoctrination, completely useless towards their personal & professional goals?

Amazing that 3500 A&M students signed this thing. Absolutely shameful for an A&M university. Supposed to honor an oath to the US Constitution, against enemies foreign and domestic. The originator & signers of this position are enemies of the US Constitution.

For everyone's information, "hate speech" is not a real thing. Our founders did not include it in the Constitution. Believe it or not, what is considered "hate speech" today existed in the 1700s. Even worse. They wanted to guarantee that people could speak out against the ruling power and against the current ruling ideology without fear of persecution.

Today's ruling ideology is multiculturalism and diversity. It is a fraud. It doesn't work. It has never worked. It has always, ALWAYS eventually led to strife, to social atomization and eventually, to bloodshed. In case you haven't turned on your TV or read the news in your lifetimes, bloodshed has already come to the USA. It's not going to get better, only worse, no matter how you try to ban speech or ideas.

Would it be OK for black, Asian, Arab, or Hispanic countries to be "diversified" such that the historically dominant group was entirely disenfranchised? Would you celebrate black disenfranchisement in Africa?

If Mr. Spencer's ideas were so laughable, so wrong, so ignorant, you have nothing to fear from allowing him to speak. According to you, he would instantly discredit himself and detract from his aims.

Or perhaps you secretly know he's right.


We have the right to petition. You are a very sick person, replacing the A&M logo with swastikas. You are not an Aggie.


Yes, you do. It is a petition advocating an illegal action, but you still have the right to do it.

No, I am not a "sick" person, either mentally or physically. The swastika is a symbol used for thousands of years, still used in India and other countries today without any "sick" or "evil" connotation.

Amazing how you give it so much power. It's a few tiny pixels on a computer screen. It doesn't mean that I'm "literally Hitler." I think it's funny how it drives people to hysteria. If you consider that sick, then so be it.

Get a grip.


Interesting logic this man has. Non-whites are inferior creatures who will inevitably destroy America unless white retain total control... but he isn't a white supremacist. He wants his man to be able to advocate the silencing and eventual purging of non-whites... but he doesn't think anyone should call for -him- to be silenced. And, most interesting of all, he expects other people to sit still for his Heads-I-win-tails-you-lose logic.


Non-Whites will destroy America, not necessarily because they are "inferior creatures" (your words, not mine), but because they are non-White and America is (was) a white country. Genetics = Race = Culture. If you think you can have a Black country with a White culture, or an Arab country with a White culture, you are delusional. Similarly, you cannot have a multicultural society where Whites are a minority, with a White culture.

Many White people want a country that celebrates their culture, rather than denounces it. Do people of other races have to live in countries where their history and culture are demonized? Is there any race of people pure as the driven snow, who have never fought a war, conquered, or enslaved? Of course not.

I do not advocate "silencing" non-Whites. Non-Whites have every right to speak. You want to petition, go ahead. The petition advocates for an illegal government action, but you still have the right to speak. If non-Whites want to say Whites are subhuman scum, go ahead, you have that right.

Southern Girl

Ag88, Why fight? Come back home where you belong.
Ratios are better already.

Wolf Pack

First, to correct the accuracy of journalist Chevall Pryce in the third paragraph of this article, Mr. Spencer used the word “Hail”, as in “Hail to the Chief” - the official Presidential Anthem of the United States. He did not use the word “Heil” as Mr. Pryce writes and is found in German speech (pronounced Hi͞l). This kind of mistake already leads the reader dishonestly. Regarding the salutes, the media’s abuse of "association rules" is entirely ludicrous and misleading. If one person in a class of 100 at Texas A&M fails a course, does the entire class fail? Nobody even knows who those people were, and it very well could have been set up in order to discredit the movement. How would I know? I was there. But on to my more significant comments…

After reading about the university’s reaction to Mr. Spencer’s upcoming lecture and the creation of a super-sized safe space, I can’t help but state that I am embarrassed that this is the society my personal friends and squadron-mates in the military gave up their lives for. These young men, with adventure and courage flowing through their blood, were all college educated (in the 1980s) and yet still had the ability to think for themselves. Maybe they were of another generation not so vulnerable to the indoctrination and social engineering of our mass media and academia – or maybe these friends of mine were of a special breed – that with “The Right Stuff”! These were real patriots who had a greater understanding of what it meant to be an American. They lived for truth, honor and dignity and had respect for those ancestors before us that struggled through the hardships necessary in building our Western Civilization. They most likely would have joined a movement like The Alt-Right, because these men wouldn’t have been duped by the calumny and smear tactics of a mainstream media. They would have perceived the media’s agenda in driving this sick society to ever lower levels of degeneracy, more and more antithetical to the beautiful nature that has been disposed upon us. These real men would not have allowed a ten-second video clip from an eleven-hour conference sway them into believing the media’s lies. They were not cucks, and they would have picked up some books or searched deeper for the underlying meaning of a movement that had so much traction.

One of these men I had the acquaintance of was infamous in his profession. I will not mention his name to protect his family, but he was highly decorated and flew fighter jets from the combat theatre of Vietnam through Desert Storm. It was in the latter that we shared six months onboard an aircraft carrier serving our country in war. This man was not from Texas, but you might have thought so. He looked like he could have been a rugged rancher, sporting a thick mustache and wearing cowboy boots with his flight suit (the only pilot I ever saw getting away with this). He was the epitome of the Alpha male, strong and determined, and today there are many top Navy pilot awards bearing his name and honoring his service. He was the best in his field! His life ended way too prematurely as his aircraft failed him. But if he were alive today, I wonder if he’d be thinking that his country has failed and betrayed him? Actually, I know he would, because all of us were very much alike in our line of thinking, and I’ve been fortunate enough to stick around a few more decades. And although we may not have had our “world view” perfectly constructed in those younger years, most of us would have arrived to where I am today. You see, America sends our sons and daughters to the far reaches of our globe to serve our policy masters’ wishes and to defend the Constitution and its nation. To accomplish this, these warriors must bear witness to real threats, real cultures, real dilemmas, and real hardship. Hence, these soldiers truly understand the meaning of sacrifice and commitment like nobody else, because in a sense, they understand reality.

There are many of these warriors finding their way to The Alt-Right, and that is because this movement is fundamentally based on reality and truth. These warriors are not bigots as proclaimed by the press, but they have been granted an HD picture of our world and understand many of the “group” dynamics vying for power and undermining our very own nation, people and culture. They do not have their heads buried in the sand, like many of our cucked citizens, but rather hold their head high and proudly defend their independently derived thoughts. So to you Texans, especially at Texas A&M, who are now fleeing for massive safe-spaces and counter-signaling against Richard Spencer or NPI; to you editors at The Battalion, who go as far as shielding your students and faculty from any advertising of websites like for fear that somebody might get offended, I must finally ask: Are you the real Texans? Do you represent real America? Do you find any shame in your actions and rhetoric when compared to what our soldiers must bear on a daily basis? Or are you the seed of a future Marxist fantasy-world whose society may not prove to be the egalitarian utopia you dreamed of? On behalf of my fallen friends, all twelve of them who in their twenties, thirties, and forties lost their terrestrial “human rights” for your existence, I implore you to turn off your TV and social media, go read some books (especially on the roots of communism and its destructive nature; and on the ideas and arguments of our Founding Fathers), and get out and explore our beautiful land and nature. But if that’s too difficult, then just watch Season 6 Episode 9 of Tim Allen’s “Last Man Standing”, (Precious Snowflake), do some self-reflection and take a “red pill” (no drug use intended)!


Please join our new group, "European Aggies Alliance", on Tuesday DEC-06 from 5pm-9pm outside of the MSC where we will be holding posters that say "we have a right to exist".

The website will be ready within 24 hours at

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