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Following the June 17 announcement of the development of a race relations task force and commission on historical representations, President Michael K. Young announced 45 members of a new Commission on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion on July 13. Associate Vice President of Marketing and Communications Kelly Brown said the new commission combines the race relations task force and commission on historical representations into one group.

According to the announcement, the commission is in response to President Young’s 10 actions to improve campus climate and consists of two members of the Texas A&M Board of Regents, Prairie View A&M President Ruth Simmons, 14 current students, 12 former students and 16 staff and faculty members. It will also be co-chaired by Jimmy Williams, Class of ‘83, and John E. Hurtado, Class of ‘91.

“We’re fortunate to have dedicated Aggies who’ve agreed to take on this significant task at this crucial moment, and I look forward to seeing their findings and suggestions when their final report is finished,” Young said in the announcement.

The commission is tasked with assessing data about diversity and inclusion at A&M, comparing current policies to A&M’s core values and mission, gathering opinions from the student body, former students and faculty and reviewing the campus culture and its impact on minority communities.

The commission must provide a report of their findings to Young and the Board of Regents by Oct. 30.

“With the formation of the Commission on Diversity, Equity And Inclusion, Texas A&M is taking the first of many steps to improve the campus environment and climate for all Aggies,” the announcement read. “I am deeply grateful to [the] diverse group of dedicated Aggies – students, former students, faculty and staff – who are volunteering their time to engage in research and discourse across topics of racial intolerance, historical representations such as statues, policies and practices.”

Below is the complete list of the members of the commission:


John E. Hurtado ‘91, deputy director and chief technology officer of the Bush Combat Development Complex at the Texas A&M University System RELLIS campus, and professor of aerospace engineering

Jimmy Williams ‘83, who earned a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Texas A&M and now serves as the Executive Director and Distinguished Service Professor of the Engineering and Technology Innovation Management program at Carnegie Mellon University.

Board of Regents and Distinguished Visitors

Elaine Mendoza ‘87, Chair, Board of Regents

Bill Mahomes '69, Member, Board of Regents

Ruth Simmons, President, Prairie View A&M University

Current Students

Iman Ahmed '22, Student Senate Diversity

Corniyah Bradley '21, Black Student Alliance Council

Alexandra Campbell '21, Texas A&M Panhellenic

Tanner Cedrone ‘21, Corps of Cadets

Matthew B Francis Jr. '22, TAMU NAACP

Uthej Vatipalli '21, Graduate & Professional Student Government

Ritika Gangarapu '21, Asian Presidents' Council

Maximiliano "Max" Lopez '21, Hispanic Presidents' Council

Eric Mendoza '21, President, Student Government Association

Kellen Mond '20, Student Athlete, Football

Fawaz Syed '23, Class Councils, Sophomore Class

Jack Tucker '21, Texas A&M Foundation Maroon Coats

Sean Waters ‘22, International Student Association

Chante Anderson ’21, Black Graduate Student Association

Former Students

Adrian Cornelius '93, TAMU Black Former Student Network

Erica Davis-Rouse '95, Intervene

John F. Dickerson '87, Hank Dickerson & Company

David Dunlap '83, 12th Man Foundation Board of Trustees

Willie T. Langston '81, Avalon Advisors, LLC

Monica Menzel '93, TAMU Hispanic Network

Stephen Ruth '92, U.S. Army

The Honorable Ingrid M. Warren '93, Dallas County Judge

Shariq Yosufzai '74, Accordant Advisors

Jimmy Williams '83, Carnegie Mellon University

Tiana J. Sanford '04, Montgomery County District Attorney's Office

Randall Cain '82, Former Chair, 12th Man Foundation, Texas A&M Foundation

Faculty and Staff

Francis Achike, College of Medicine

Kristina Ballard, College of Engineering

Vernon Camus ‘18, University Staff Council Galveston

David Chapman ‘67, University Libraries (Retired)

Mary Ann Covey ‘92, Counseling & Psychological Services

Leroy Dorsey, College of Liberal Arts

Julie Harlin ‘93, Faculty Senate

Cynthia Hernandez ‘94, Division of Student Affairs

John Hurtado ‘91, College of Engineering

Ben Kalscheur ‘13, Office of Sustainability

Dorothy Shippen, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Serge Razafindrakoto, Division of Information Technology

Christine Stanley ‘85, College of Education

Karen Wooley, College of Science

R.C. Slocum, Office of the President, Former Texas A&M Football Coach

Arthur Watson ‘15, Transition Academic Programs

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Wilburn Sprayberry

Well...let's see:

The current student membership on the commission, is 71% non-white, 31% black, 29% white. Current student demographics are 45% non-white, 3% black, & 55% white.

The former student membership on the commission is 58% non-white, 33.3% black, & 42% white. I don't know the demographics of former students, but I doubt they're much like that.

Somehow, I'm guessing the fix is in.

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