The Cadence, originally authored by Tom Gillis, Class of 1942, is one of the first items given to a fish at the beginning of their time in the Corps of Cadets. It contains information on cadet life, traditions and commonly-used terms.

Corps terminology can often be confusing for non-cadets. In order to clarify some of the inside slang, The Battalion has compiled some of the most-used Corps terms:


Bag-in - Privilege to sleep through morning formation.

BQ - Member of the Aggie Band.

Brass - Metal buttons, buckles and insignia worn on the uniform.

Bulls - Military officers on the Commandant’s staff or assigned to ROTC duty.

Chow - All meals.

Cable - Thread sticking out of uniform.

Campusology - A question about traditions, history, facts, etc. Also referred to as “Campos.”

CO - Commanding Officer (is also a real military term).

D&C - Drill and Ceremonies Cadets; also known as a cadet not pursuing a career in the military after college.

CT - Member of the Corps of Cadets (who is not in the Aggie Band).

Elephant - A senior (permitted for use only by other seniors); Freshman, sophomores and juniors are not allowed to say the word “elephant.”

Good Bull - A phrase used to describe anything that embraces or promotes the Aggie Spirit or the traditions of Texas A&M; It is also used to signify approval of virtually anything.

Groad - Oxidation build up on cadet brass; Also used as an adjective to characterize unacceptable appearance, activity or materials.

Hole - Cadet dormitory room.

Non-Reg - A term used to describe a non-Corps student.

Rack - Bunk or bed.

Ol’ Lady - A cadet’s roommate.

Pisshead - A sophomore cadet (permitted for use only by upperclassmen).

Privilege - A prerogative merited by virtue of rank or class, used with discretion.

PT - Physical Training; Cadets usually attend PT in the morning.

Rams - Demerits.

Re-bag - To go back to bed after formation.

Rest! - Be Quiet!

RV - Ross Volunteer.

Sergebutt - A junior cadet, referring to the Ol’ Army NCO cadet privilege of wearing uniforms made from serge material (permitted for use only by other juniors and seniors); It is often shortened to “butt.”

Trigon - The Military Science Building.

Whip out - Standardized Corps procedure to introduce oneself.


Information is compiled from the Corps of Cadets’ Cadence.


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