The Quad

Squadron 4 is one of over 40 units in Texas A&M's Corps of Cadets.

Texas A&M has reported another COVID-19 cluster in Dorm 7 of the Corps of Cadets.

Following the initial Dorm 7 cluster among Squadron 17, on Tuesday, Sept. 30 the second cluster was reported among Squadron 4 via the A&M COVID-19 Cluster Notification Requirement website.

The report does not specify how many students are affected. To date, four total COVID-19 clusters have been reported at A&M, two in the Corps of Cadets and two in A&M sororities.

In evaluating potential clusters, A&M said they will use some or all of the following measures:

Further Monitoring of Applicable Population

Targeted testing

Continuing Education on Appropriate Prevention Measures

Requested Cleanings for Facilities under Texas A&M Control

Suspension of access to face-to-face classes/meetings/gatherings for applicable population, including student organizations

Self-isolation/quarantine of population/individuals*

*In these instances, Texas A&M cannot impact individual right to not self-isolate/quarantine; however, impacted individuals will be required to remain off campus unless quarantined in university housing or receiving health care.

As of Sept. 28, there are currently 156 active cases of COVID-19 that have been self-reported by A&M faculty, staff and students. The overall clinical testing positivity rate at A&M is 9.5 percent.

This is a developing story and will be updated as we receive additional information.

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