Ring Day (graphic)

Aggie Ring Day is happening on Sept. 24 in the Ford Hall of Champions.

Due to construction of Aggie Park near the Clayton W. Williams Jr. Alumni Center, where Ring Day is traditionally held, 5,199 students will receive their Aggie Rings in Kyle Field’s Hall of Champions on Friday, Sept. 24 during the second largest ring day of the year.

Publications manager for the Association of Former Students Cait Shields said students will enter on the west side of Kyle Field with last names A through E entering in the southwest tower and last names F through Z entering in the northwest tower.

Students receiving their rings and their guests should arrive no earlier than 15 minutes before their allotted time slot. When picking up their rings, students will be asked to show two forms of identification, which can include their driver’s license, Aggie ID card, passport or ring receipt they received when placing their order.

To ensure a quick and easy process, Shields said students should screenshot or print their Ring Day ticket in the event of spotty internet connection.

Communications senior Khiara Estrada said although she was eligible to order her ring during previous semesters, she waited until she could bring her friends and family to receive her ring.

“The part I’m most excited about is the actual ceremony of Ring Day. I could have ordered my Aggie Ring already, but I put it off because I wanted the whole in-person shebang,” Estrada said. “With all my loved ones, I’m excited we’re able to do that again and be surrounded by everyone I love. I’m really excited.”

Estrada said she chose her mom to put her ring on her finger because she has helped guide her to this point in life.

“She is the number one person that has contributed to my success in literally every aspect,” Estrada said. “She has sacrificed so much for me.”

Estrada said her family, friends and a former Fish Camp counselor will be in attendance for her ring ceremony at 2:30 p.m., and throughout the day she will have the opportunity to attend friends’ ceremonies to celebrate their accomplishments.

Third-generation Aggie and agribusiness senior Cate Diezi said she has been looking forward to her ring since the day she stepped on campus her freshman year, because it serves as a symbol of the Aggie family and also invites a family tradition of their own.

“The Aggie Ring encompasses all of the Core Values, which is something every Aggie

should live their life by,” Diezi said. “My Aggie Ring is a family tribute, as I am a third generation Aggie. My dad paid for my uncle’s Aggie Ring, so my uncle paid for mine and I hope to buy the next Aggie in our family their own Aggie Ring.”

Diezi said she is excited Ring Day will take place in a different location this year.

“Having our Ring Day in the Hall of Champions makes our Ring Day extra special and unique,” Diezi said. “A lot of people have never seen the inside of the hall, so it’s just an added excitement to the already great day.”

When Diezi gets her ring at 4:45 p.m. on Friday, her parents, brother and boyfriend will join her in picking it up with a traditional finish in white gold, which she said she chose as a mix of both New and Ol’ Army. Diezi said she has an endless list of people who helped push her to receive her ring.

“My ring is an accomplishment not only to me, but all the people in my life who have cheered me on and helped me,” Diezi said. “My parents, of course, who instilled a duty of responsibility and work ethic. My family, who has been here for me since the beginning and has been nothing but proud of me. My friends, who have been a shoulder to cry on or had an ear to lend or an hour for a coffee break; my boyfriend and his family and their unwavering support and love.”

Diezi said she has been wearing her Ring Wrap for over a year to remind herself of what is to come of her hard work. After only four semesters at A&M she is now able to pick up her ring to fill its spot.

“When I’ve struggled in classes or in life or wanted to give up, I look at the empty place in my Ring Wrap or the countdown on my white board and remind myself it is all going to pay off soon when I finally get my ring,” Diezi said. “The time has gone so fast and it’s finally here. In a word, it feels unreal.”

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