The Dallas-based @Chancyband is set to release their latest single on Saturday, Nov. 26 with the goal of giving fans an exciting listening experience. 

Saturday morning bliss, good vibes and its accompanying soundtrack are on their way through the Texas music scene.

Dallas’ own “most local band in the world,” Chancy, is set to release its newest single and accompanying music video, ‘Saturday,’ on Saturday, Nov. 26. Alongside the song’s online debut, the band will host a release show at Sundown at Granada in Dallas

Austin Franks, bass player and vocalist for Chancy, said what sets the group apart is its openness to feedback and relationship with the audience.  

“We like to have an interactive experience on our live shows [and] on our social media platforms,” Franks said. “We don't like people to just follow us; we want to follow their experience as well. That's how we're able to write our stuff and hear their needs and line them up with ours.”

Drummer Jonathan Masters said he is most looking forward to the release show, especially as the band’s live performance opportunities have been limited due to the pandemic.

“We always bring the heat; it’ll be a regular Chancy show,” Masters said. “We all just really enjoy playing the song, that's for sure. It's a really fun song to play; our energy gets all the way up.”

Franks said the energy Chancy brings to its concerts is extremely high, and hopes concert-goers can let loose with the band’s music.  

“We like to get people moving. We like to get to people grooving at our shows, and we just want them to know that we care about them back,” Franks said.

While the band frequently works together to write the lyrics and music, guitarist and vocalist Richard Milton said something about this song came together naturally.

“When we were putting it together, a lot of the composing was done with everybody in the group,” Milton said. “[We] really organically put stuff together. Compared to some other songs, the way it glued together was very natural.” 

Though each member contributed to the writing process, Alex Tufts, vocalist and guitarist, said he brought in the first verse after being inspired by a relaxing Saturday morning. 

“We all start on a verse, and I wrote these words, because I’m always pretty stoked when it's Saturday and I wake up next to my wife,” Tufts said. “It's fun to have multiple people write things coming from different spaces because it makes the songs more open for interpretation for people.”

With all the written components, the song release, the show and the music video, Tufts said he was excited to work with director Alice P. Zazz, who helped create two of the band’s music videos for the songs “Oceans Over Me” and “Tadpole.”

“One thing I'm really looking forward to is also the video itself,” Tufts said. “It was done by a good friend of ours named Alice. Her whole thing is ‘mixed fiction’ and … we got to give her credit for that, because honestly the work she does is absolute creative genius.”

Synthesizer player Cole Scott said the bond between band members is what made his career a positive experience. 

“Make music with people you love and want to be around; that’s what makes it fun,” Scott said.

To those hoping to break into the music industry, Tufts said the most important thing is to keep trying and learning from the feedback received.

“My advice is to not be afraid to fail, and the first show that you might do with your new band is probably not going to be very good,” Tufts said. “Just fail, a lot. Go out and fail. To double success, I'd say [you should] double your failures … don't be afraid of that. Your best friend is criticism; the fastest way to improve is just be around other people who [play music].”

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