Owner of Pot Heads plant store Bree Frazier with her dogs on Thursday, April 13, 2023. 

One woman is behind Bryan-College Station’s newest plant shop, selling anything from plants to pots to local art. 

Bree Frasier realized college wasn’t the right fit for her, so she forged her own path. She opened Pot Heads Plant Shop, or Pot Heads, on March 21, bringing her Austin vibe to College Station. 

Frasier learned how to take care of plants from her grandmother, who would buy from the Walmart clearance section to plant in her flower bed. Frasier keeps photos of them together at the shop’s checkout center to show customers when they ask about her journey opening the store. 

“I can have green hair and tattoos and own my own business,” Frasier said. “All the money was my life savings. Do the research, ask other friends that are business owners for help.” 

Pot Heads is more than just plants, Frasier said, as 13 local artists sell their products from soaps, candles, art from her tattoo artist and more. The shop has an artsy feel, with a skeleton mural painted by Frasier featured at the front of the store reading “plants over people.” You might be greeted by her dogs, Remi and Riot, who are frequently at the store. 

“I like to describe us as a plant boutique because you’re gonna come in here and get more than just plants and supplies,” Frasier said. “I feel like there’s something for everybody here to shop. I have the more spiritual side of things so if you’re into witchy stuff or sageing, I’ve got that.” 

Megan Dempsey owns The Junk Witch selling upcycled witchy items, according to the shop’s Instagram. Pot Heads carries her unmolded and Topo Chico candles with scents like “F--- Off Bugs,” “Double Rainbows” and “Iced Tea on the Porch.” 

“I had originally started making candles with tea cups and coffee mugs,” Dempsey said. “My partner was working at one of the thrift stores in town, and it’s just crazy the amount of these that don’t get sold.” 

Couple Darren and Chase Cadiz own soap shop Castile Confections and terrarium shop Urban Babylon, respectively. Darren said he met Frasier for the first time at the opening of Pot Heads. 

“Honestly as a small business owner myself, when you’re given any opportunity for someone to allow you to sell your product, it’s just the greatest feeling,” Darren said. “[Frasier] is so amazing to work with, she wants her local makers to succeed just as much as she succeeds.”  

Castile Confections puts a dessert twist on each product, such as bath salts instead of sprinkles, Darren said. Each product is handmade with oils and butters good for the skin, according to its website. 

“I know a lot of people like the fact that I support other local creatives,” Frasier said. “That’s been a big thing, having a community of business owners that are friends that I can lean on.”  

On top of valuing local Texan businesses, Frasier said she enjoys small community events held at the shop, the latest one being a Tie Dye Tee Party on April 22. 

“We sold out all the tickets the day the tickets went live,” Frasier said. “I like the smaller, intimate parties. I'm gonna do a cigar box planter workshop because I’ve done them for myself, and I’m a cigar smoker. It just plays on with the whole Pot Heads thing.” 

Frasier said she got the idea for naming the shop from a certain plant she might partake in herself, but also because “Pot Heads” is a common joke in the plant community. 

“It peaks people’s interests,” Frasier said. “Some people think we’re a smoke shop, some people think we’re a dispensary. People are shocked when they walk in, they’re like, ‘Oh, it’s plants?’”  

While she’s not looking at expanding anytime soon, Frasier said if she did it would be towards other college towns. For now, she called Downtown Bryan the shop’s home forever. 

“I’m willing to help you figure out the right plant that you need, I’m not just gonna let you shop around and buy whatever,” Frasier said. “I’m gonna set you up with the right plant … I want you to fall in love with being a plant person.”

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