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This holiday season, Texas A&M students reflect and look forward to spending Thanksgiving with family and friends after COVID-19 prevented many from doing so in 2020. 

After a busy fall semester, students can finally catch a break.

Thanksgiving this year is Thursday, Nov. 25. After many friends and family members were not able to spend last year's holiday together due to COVID-19, many are making the most of Thanksgiving break. 

Allied health junior Jacqueline Guerra said she has a big family and they usually get together and have a feast.

“I really enjoy spending time with my family, especially since I’m in College Station all semester. I live five hours away, so I usually don't get to visit home often,” Guerra said. “Thanksgiving breaks are really refreshing for me because they’re toward the end of the semester when we're usually getting tired and drained from all the semester's work. To have a good excuse to go back and visit family is always fun.”

This Thanksgiving break, Guerra said she’s going to Las Vegas with her family to celebrate her 21st birthday.

“I’m kind of sad I’m not going to experience a traditional Thanksgiving, and I don't get to be with all my brothers and my siblings,” Guerra said. “But it's one Thanksgiving, so we will definitely get together for Christmas break.”

University studies junior Courtney Loehr said she’s having a large family gathering for the holiday this year. 

“We are going to my grandma's [home] on my mom's side. We have a bunch of family flying in,” Loehr said. “All the girls will cook and my grandpa will fry the turkey. We always have football on and we are big card game people, so there will be lots of Skip-Bo and other games.”

Loehr said her favorite tradition is her family’s annual cornhole tournament, which she said gets intense in her huge, competitive family.

“I love spending time with my family and my grandma, especially,” Loehr said. “I love learning her recipes and all that good stuff. Normally we have the Christmas tree up already, and I enjoy listening to music and cooking with her.”

Engineering sophomore Catherine Baker said after meeting with her family at her grandparents’ house, they’re going to come spend the weekend with her in College Station. She said her family is still trying to be COVID-19 conscious.

“My grandmother is health conscious. She's older and has some health issues, so she's still not comfortable having a really big group,” Baker said. “But last year, we went and saw my sister in Chicago, because we couldn't see my grandmother and we didn't want everybody spreading their germs to my grandmother. But this year, not everybody who can [come to Thanksgiving dinner] will because of COVID[-19].”

Her family has traditions that extend throughout Thanksgiving weekend, Baker said.

“My favorite tradition is playing games with my family and eating leftovers throughout Thursday and Friday,” Baker said. 


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