Ahead of their weekend performance, Echosmith lead singer Sydney Sierota discusses her upcoming birthday, the band’s recent success and the indie spirit.

Echosmith has garnered over 1 billion streams and has earned worldwide media praise for its spread of love, positivity and self-acceptance. The band will perform at Stage 12 at Brookshire Brothers this Saturday, April 22, at 7 p.m.

Echosmith cemented itself in pop culture after its catchy song “Cool Kids” went triple platinum. The song has gone viral again, years later, after 1.3 million TikTok videos were made using the song, including videos created by Demi Lovato, Drew Barrymore and Addison Rae. While the band has performed all over the world, this will be the first time the group has performed in College Station. Echosmith’s lead vocalist, Sydney Sierota, said she is excited to play in Aggieland for the first time because it’ll be a great new experience for the band.

“I love playing shows of all shapes and sizes,” Sierota said. “We play a lot in Texas. We come to Dallas, Austin and Houston a lot and have even gone as far south as Corpus Christi. I love playing shows anywhere, but I was also really excited about playing a show in a new city because you don’t always get to do that … when we got the text from Brookshire Brothers saying, ‘Hey do you want to come here on this date and perform at this venue?’ we were in.”

This will not be the first time the group performs in a new city this year. The group had the pleasure of performing in Anchorage, Alaska for the first time in 2023. In addition to the celebration of another new concert venue, Sierota will also celebrate her 26th birthday this weekend. The group couldn’t be more excited to perform their new era of music like singles “Gelato,” “Hang Around” and “Hindsight,” Sierota said.

“We’re so pumped about the new music we’ve been putting out and are putting together right now,” Sierota said. “It’s been really fun to share these songs that are going to be on the album. They’re a good representation of where Echosmith is and where we are going. Noah, our bassist, is co-producing all of our songs and that’s a first for us and it’s really special to be producing our own music.”

In 2022, Echosmith released a reimagined version of their classic hit, ‘Cool Kids,’ to reflect their newest era and sound today, giving the decade old song a new bridge and more alternative feel. The band seeks to trace back to its roots and regain the feeling of when they made songs simply for fun, Sierota said.

“‘Gelato,’ ‘Hangaround’ and ‘Hindsight’ are fun songs that show a wide spectrum of what the album will be,” Sierota said. “There are also so many more layers that we’ll dive into as we lead up more to the album. These songs are really fun to play live and I look forward to performing them at our show.”

The lead singer also mentioned the possibility of performing one of their most recent, new creations from the studio. Sierota said there is no better way to gauge how people feel about a song than playing it right before them at a cooncert.

“I think we’ll also sneak in a new, unreleased song as well … the best way to bring your recorded music to life is with real people in the room, getting their reaction right in front of your eyes,” Sierota said.

Echosmith embarks on a new journey with its newly released music. The group seeks to implement the indie spirit in more than their music alone, Sierota said.

“We’ve taken many steps forward with our new music and we’ve taken the indie spirit with all sorts of things,” Sierota said. “We found our photographers for all the singles art for these recent songs on Instagram … It’s been cool to find these really talented people and have the creative freedom to move forward with them, make our decisions with them and decide our own timeline. Deciding to get what you want to do creatively is a huge deal.”

The band has always made it a mission to serve as an inspiration for its fans because other artists have had an instrumental effect in their own lives, Sierota said.

“It’s an honor to be a part of anybody’s story in any way,” Sierota said. “If our music can inspire someone to pick up a guitar or pick up an instrument that’s so cool because there are so many people that have inspired us. Even if we are simply a part of someone’s story by making them feel comforted, that is so cool. To see how many people at the end of the year on Spotify Wrapped are listening to our music is mind blowing because we still have people we look up to so much.”

Fans continue to etch Echosmith permanently in their lives through videos on social media and tattoos. The band is honored to have met countless people who have shared that its music has changed their lives in a positive way, Sierota said.

“To be even a sliver of that for anyone is so cool … we’ve met so many sweet people who have said our music has impacted them for the better,” Sierota said. “There is nothing better than hearing that. It’s the greatest honor and the best part of what we do.”

To learn more about Echosmith, visit its website. To purchase tickets for the upcoming concert at Stage 12, visit Brookshire Brothers website.

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