MSC Coffeehouse

Marketing senior Charlie McCabe performs at MSC Coffeehouse on Wednesday Sept. 22.

Hosted by MSC Town Hall, Coffeehouse provides an opportunity for student artists to showcase their talents in front of a live audience.

On Wednesday, Sept. 22, the Coffeehouse series continued with singer/songwriter and marketing senior Charlie McCabe. This bi-weekly event takes place on Wednesday nights in the Memorial Student Center Barnes and Noble Cafe. The series gives Aggies a chance to perform music, poetry, comedy and more for fellow students while they enjoy free pastries, coffee and tea provided by MSC Town Hall.

Finance junior and MSC Town Hall’s Coffeehouse committee executive Josh Hawkins said the event is a series that kicked off for the semester on Sept. 8.

“[MSC Town Hall strives] to bring live entertainment to [Texas] A&M’s campus, whether that be through different music, concerts or just the use of creative expression,” Hawkins said. “We’ve been working on shows ranging from small concerts like Coffeehouse with our student artists, to music festivals like 12th Jam.”

About the process of selecting students to perform, Hawkins said the first step is for prospective artists to check out the interest form in MSC Town Hall’s Instagram profile.

“They just fill out the form, and then we reach out to them,” Hawkins said. “We still have open slots for this semester, and we’re always looking for potential performers."

For student artists that are just starting out, Hawkins said Coffeehouse gives them a chance to perform in a comfortable, intimate setting. 

“The only real requirement is that you are a student to play for the Coffeehouse, and we provide free pastries and coffee and tea for anyone there with a student ID,” Hawkins said. “So it’s a great place to come and relax, listen to some good music, do your homework, and drink some coffee.”

Excited for McCabe’s EP that will be released this semester, finance senior David Bobo said he and his friends came specifically for McCabe.

“We’re fans of the singer,” Bobo said. “He plays country music, and he’s really good. It’s been a great experience so far, very chill.”

Psychology sophomore Sally Garcia, who stumbled upon the event, said it was a welcome surprise.

“We came here to study and work on homework and didn’t know this was going to happen,” Garcia said. “He just picked up a guitar and started singing, and everyone just kind of went with it.”

Garcia said the music created a relaxing environment for students to hang out with friends and study.

“I’ve really enjoyed it so far,” Garcia said. “I’m a big country fan, so when he showed up, I was so excited. I didn’t expect it, but I loved it. He sounded really good, and now I want to come back and hear other people sing. I’m definitely bringing my friends here.”

The next Coffeehouse will take place on Oct. 6 outside of the Innovative Learning Classroom Building.


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