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On Wednesday, Sept. 1, Autocar, LLC unveiled special editions of two new DC-64R refuse trucks to serve Aggieland.

Autocar, LLC is North America’s oldest truck brand and the only American-owned and operated original equipment manufacturer, or OEM, of trucks. The Aggie-themed refuse trucks were displayed at FleetCon 2021 in Round Rock before making their way to College Station. According to Autocar’s website, the modern DC truck acts as a reminder of the proud history behind the Autocar brand. The DC-64R is the company’s first new conventional truck in 33 years.

Vice President and general manager for the refuse segment at Autocar Tim Thornton said Autocar has been known for building custom-built trucks since the company’s founding. 

“We make all different types of trucks used to do work,” Thornton said. “If you think of any of these trucks on the road that [have] a big body on the back with all these contraptions, we can support and make those types of trucks.”

The conventional DC-64 refuse truck is a roll-off truck, and Thornton said their traditional use is to lift dumpster containers located at apartment and dorm buildings. 

“[On roll-off trucks], there's a hoist that is hooked onto the back that can pull [the container] up onto the back of the truck,” Thornton said. “They then empty it or take it to a recycling center or to a transfer station where they offload the can and drop a new one down.”

Thornton said Autocar’s premium-quality trucks caught the attention of the city of College Station, which led to the city ordering the custom DC-64R truck.

“We worked with them to spec out a truck that met [the city’s] requirements,” Thornton said. “They obviously wanted to go with the Aggie maroon. After they said, ‘This is the color we want,’ we submit [paint] samples to them and they sign off that the color is correct before we even start production, and then we get the cab painted to their exact specifications.”

After the truck was revealed at FleetCon, Thornton said it was driven straight to College Station. 

“The truck is probably now picking up containers at apartment complexes around the city and maybe even on campus,” Thornton said. “I know a lot of students live in and around College Station, so they probably are seeing that truck driving around the city.”

Thornton said in a press release on Sept. 1 Autocar is delighted to have unveiled this special edition of the DC-64R refuse truck, and the company looks forward to operating it in College Station.


“College Station is one of the Lone Star State’s fastest-growing cities, and this Autocar refuse truck will ensure that Texas A&M students and residents receive the essential services they expect and deserve in style,” Thornton said in the press release. “A well-functioning refuse fleet is critical to ensuring a high quality of life, and College Station is equipped to handle that challenge.”

Junior account executive at TrizCom Public Relations, representing Autocar, Avery Cooper said the truck’s arrival in College Station unites the community by representing Texas A&M.

“The DC-64R refuse trucks sent to College Station, sporting A&M maroon, [are] special because it's a driver's truck,” Cooper said. “The American truck driver shortage isn't going anywhere anytime soon, so Autocar ensures its clients can recruit and keep the best operators in the business. It has the most spacious cab, which is essentially a driver's office for long hours, the most visibility and easy steering.”

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