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Upgrading our image

James Sullivan: New uniforms revolutionize A&M brand

Published: Monday, July 16, 2012

Updated: Wednesday, July 25, 2012 19:07

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Upgrading our image

James Sullivan: New uniforms revolutionize A&M brand

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Texas A&M University’s Athletic Department, partnered with Adidas, unveiled the Aggies’ new Lone Star TECHFIT
football uniforms on Thursday for the 2012 inaugural season with the SEC.The entire ensemble was subjected to intricate, yet rudimentary, change, merging the modern era of gridiron gear with the old-school fashion of A&M’s past.

Motivated by pieces of the Aggies’ old outfits, Adidas sought to “highlight the school’s rich football history” while also helping A&M “represent the Lone Star state in the SEC,” according to Mark Daniels, the company’s football director.

The helmet features a white and maroon style, both inversions of the other, along with a smaller version of the Texas A&M block logo. The maroon color is a mix between the Aggies’ more recent glossy style and the matte finish that has recently swept the nation, resulting in a reflective yet shallow shade of maroon.

The major modification, however, is reverting from the original white facemasks to a solid gray.

The jerseys are spotlighted by the 1970s-inspired double horizontal stripes running sideways over the shoulders and onto the base layer of the uniform. The bands are only interrupted by each player’s individual number printed midway down their sleeve extensions.

Furthermore, Adidas altered the number scheme to a beveled style, copying a more recognizable feature of the famous A&M block logo.

The pants are either solid maroon or white with a thick stripe of the inverted color down each side. Additionally, the newly designed logo, A&M’s block lettering residing inside an outline of the state of Texas, is stamped just below the waistline on the right side.

Finally, the gloves showcase the “now usual” feature of being able to place one’s hands together and form a shape of Texas on the palms; for A&M, its updated logo appears in stunning fashion.

One of the top features for the new gear, however, has nothing to do with looks. Adidas infused some of the most cutting-edge uniform technology (yes, that’s real) into their Lone Star TECHFIT equipment, allowing the Aggies advantages on the field.

 For example, the jerseys weigh 30 percent less than 2011-2012’s due to state-of-the-art innovations. The new fabric incorporates a unique ventilation and cooling system along with a “streamlined fit” and ultra-light numbers and lettering. The seamless design gives tacklers and blockers less to grab and hold onto, creating a substantial edge when facing off against the SEC.      
Overall, the reaction from both recruits and current players, not to mention the new coaching staff, has been unanimously positive.

“Our team is really excited about the new uniforms for the upcoming season,” head coach Kevin Sumlin told “Adidas has done a great job of developing a uniforms that provides a look that blends out great history and tradition, with a modern look that our players and recruits will really like.”

Texas A&M’s newest addition to its storied wardrobe has simultaneously shown how “modern” this football program is while also maintaining a connection with the deeply engrained traditions of the University, compromising between the two perfectly.

The fans are more than content. The players are profoundly satisfied. The prospects are sincerely impressed.

And the A&M brand continues to thrive like it never has before.


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