Hunting is an exhilarating experience, which when done safely can be a great bonding experience for the whole family. Hunting teaches young ones the importance of conservation and being one with nature. It also gets kids out of the house – disconnecting them from the constant distractions of mobile games and applications.  


Whether you’re a hunting-pro or you’ve never been out in the woods, there are a few guidelines that all parents should follow when hunting with kids. The right safety gear, such as an E-Max from Caldwell Shooting, can make a world of a difference when your kids are lining up that perfect shot.


This will ensure that you’re getting the most out of your experience out there, in the safest manner possible. Parents should also connect with their local doctors or family medicine practitioners if their children have bruises, injuries or scratches while out hunting.




It’s ideal to have a practice session or two under your belt before going for your first hunt. This is to ensure that you have the right confidence, stance, and shooting form for when you’re out in the woods. You can even practice dressed in orange and camo, to simulate a real-life hunt in the practice ground.


You should have your kids practice the right way to shoot early on, so that you can remove any errors in their shooting form. Kids can also opt for shooting competitions and fun challenges to develop that organic love for the art of hunting.


Premier manufacturers, such as Caldwell Shooting, combine technology and craftsmanship to provide a range of gear that fits adults and kids. They also sponsor competitions, that allow younger hunters to get a sense of community around the art of shooting.




Safety is key to a successful hunt, especially when going with younger children. Parents need to ensure that they have the right weapon, the right protective gear and the right clothing when going hunting. Youth hunting is an exercise that is made that much more fun, when parents provide a protective net of support and safety around them.


Carrying the right medical equipment is a critical part of the protocol as well. This is to ensure that there are no chances of infections or bumps & bruises going unnoticed. Having a medical kit on hand is a good way to ensure that your kids are protected during the hunt.




The right location will depend upon the skill level and enthusiasm shown by the kids that are hunting. If they’re just out there to have a good time, then a more commercial shooting range will make more sense. If they’re experienced young hunters, then a more private forest area or a dedicated hunting ground will be perfect for them.


Parents need to educate their children about the importance of staying safe and constantly communicating with one another. This will ensure that they stay on-course and remain calm throughout the hunt. 


What’s the biggest mistake that parents can make when it comes to youth hunting? Making the experience dry and unappealing. The hunt should be planned the right way to ensure that there are no delays, challenges or issues during the experience.When accompanied by an experienced hunter, kids will often remain compliant to the right protocols.


Parents can plan the entire experience in advance, by working with the right hunting groups and exploring fun new locations. The perfect location brings the entire experience together, starting from the walk to the shooting site, to the sights & sounds of the wilderness along the way.

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