We all need our phones. The vast majority of American adults own smartphones these days, and we spend a lot of time looking at smartphone screens. In fact, 80 percent of us check our smartphone screens before we even brush our teeth! It's an addiction, but it's not hard to see why it exists. Our smartphones are our source of news, our tools for work, and our means of connecting with friends and family members. We need our smartphones to go wherever we do, so it's a good thing that they're small and convenient. Just slip yours in your pocket and go, right?


But there will come a time when you are wearing a dress or a pair of yoga pants without pockets, and when you simply don't want to bring a traditional purse or clutch wherever you're going. Or maybe you'll have pockets, but will realize that carrying your phone there is not such a good idea! Tight pockets on women's pants can be more stylish than they are comfortable and useful, and keeping your phone in your pocket is a good way to get it pickpocketed. And then there's the fact that smartphones create heat and, in rare cases, can even explode. Keeping your phone in your side pocket isn't that great of an idea. And your back pocket? Forget it — you could actually give yourself back problems.


So here are 4 alternatives -- skip the pockets and leave the purse at home!


The festival bag


The festival bag is the laid-back cousin of the purse. Also known as a belt bag or (please don't call it this) a fanny pack, the festival bag is part purse, part backpack, and all simple convenience. It's small enough to be unobtrusive but large enough to hold your smartphone securely and comfortably. Grab a bag like this for a music festival or concert, or take it with you on a quick errand. Swap your backpack out for a festival bag when you head to campus, or even take a festival bag on a jog.


The hidden holster


Smartphones are small. That's convenient, but it also makes them easy to steal. The ease with which smartphones can be lifted by pickpockets is one reason to avoid carrying your phone in your pocket. One way to make your smartphone more secure is to invest in a holster or pouch that can be easily hidden under your clothes.


You could also opt for clothing that has hidden pockets already built in. Interior jacket pouches are a good place for your phone, and you can even find a smartphone pocket stashed inside of some stylish boots. Yes, really.


The athletic belt or armband


Working out is a lot more pleasant when you have music or a podcast to listen to. But you want your hands free when you're working out, and you don't want the weight of a smartphone hitting your thighs when you run or lift (if the clothes that you're running or lifting in even have side pockets, which is unlikely). So what do you do?


You grab a phone holster or pouch that straps securely to your arm or waist. These items might not be the most stylish, but they're a smart way to keep your phone safe as you move around.


The athleisure phone pouch


Let's talk more about the workout. Are you heading to the yoga studio? The gym? Do you want to run an errand on your way? Listen to music in a cab, on the subway, or as you walk? You'll want to have your phone in hip and practical holster like a phone pouch made by MyPhonePouch. The last thing you want to wear is an ugly armband strap or bring along a purse.


Get a convenient phone pouch that tucks right into your yoga pants or other gear. The best ones are secure when you need them to be and easy to remove and set aside when it's time to get into downward dog.


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