Throwing a great event takes a considerable amount of thought and planning. Such thoroughness includes thinking about the different aspects that need to be addressed to ensure the event’s success. The idea is that guests not only have a great time through the entertainment, food selection, and overall theme, but that the experience becomes ingrained in their minds and is positively talked about for days or months to come.

If the occasion is for a business, this is a perfect representation of the company and how you want the organization to be perceived. If personal, it is all about how you want to be recognized. Regardless of the two, the host and the event are tied in results. Here are a few tips to make sure that the outcome is positively memorable for all involved.


Location, location, location

As with real estate, location is fundamentally important and can make or break a party. Aspects that influence the selection of a venue include accessibility, parking, distance, and setting alignment. Furthermore, organizers need to consider the type of setting as well as the demographics of those attending and align the two. For example, an upscale crowd will have grand anticipation for the party, so organizers need to consider selecting a place that will exceed those expectations. Keep in mind that you can always look at function rooms in Brisbane or wherever your event will take place and select the atmosphere and ambiance that is perfect for your guests. Millennials or younger guests may wish for a more hip and upbeat event, so look for locations that can accommodate these expectations.


Before committing to a place, make sure that it is easy to identify and get to. Consider the date and time of the function, and ensure that invitees won’t have traffic issues. Some demographics may prefer public transportation, so consider choosing a location that is close to the bus or metro. Also, call the local cab company or speak to anUber representative and work out a deal to have drivers on standby for guests leaving the function. Few things are more frustrating than leaving an event only to find out that it is impossible to get a ride home. Although this may seem outside of the job function of the host, paying attention to this detail will leave a great impression.


Atmosphere and theme

A party atmosphere can be a deal breaker if the theme does not fit the interests of the guest demographic. Think about your invites and pick a theme that will be fitting, exciting, and invigorating. Plan every detail so that guests are comfortable regardless of their length of stay.

Also, remember to mix it up so that attendees have a chance to dance and let loose if they choose or mingle with fellow guests. The music choice should align with the occasion and theme, so try to find a DJ with experience in hosting such parties.


Keep in mind the social media age when planning out the layout. People will want to take pictures to upload to their Facebook or Instagram accounts. If the event is for a business, do not miss the opportunity to have your name positively associated with the posts. Create memorable and picture-worthy scenery with your logo or branding that people gravitate to for picture taking.

Be bold and don’t be afraid to leave your comfort zone. As a host, walk around for a meet and greet at each table to talk to each guest. Such gestures will go a long way in making your guests feel welcomed.

Throwing an event can become overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to. Leave a positive lasting impression by keeping your guests in mind before and during the event. They will surely notice and appreciate your efforts in ensuring they have a memorable and favorable time.

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