West Palm Beach

Finding something new to do on your vacation can take more effort than you think. It can be an even bigger challenge for family vacations, as you need to find a place that can satisfy everyone in the group. Some people may prefer outdoor activities, while others may want check out local artwork.


If that’s your situation, then you’re in luck: West Palm Beach, Florida, has everything you need to keep everyone happy no matter what their interests are. Here are some fun things to do in West Palm Beach.


Fun on the water


Being by the ocean is a treat for anyone who enjoys beach activities. That is the case with West Palm Beach, as visitors have several areas to go jet skiing and race against each other. If you want to take it easy and work on your tan a bit more, than you can always take the family kayaking or paddle boarding.


There is no shortage on options for jet ski rental West Palm Beach if you want to do more than one activity. You can take your adventure-loving child on the jet skis while your more relaxed loved ones enjoy the sun and breeze in a kayak.


Art shows and exhibits


The portions of your vacation that aren’t spent seeking thrills and splashing around can be dedicated to checking out a variety of exhibits in the more populated parts of the area. West Palm Beach is full of locations where you can discover different forms of art, which should keep art fans busy and draw in anyone who’s just getting into the field.


You won’t have a hard time finding more than just drawings and paintings in this town, as the North Museum of Art is full of sculptures, statues, and artifacts made by artists around the world. Antique Row is full of galleries and antiques that you can take home and show off to friends.


Zoos and safaris


There are very few experiences as memorable to children as the first time they see a tiger, gorilla, or elephant in person. Zoos make this experience easy, and Palm Beach Zoo & Conservation Society provides over 500 animals for the whole family to check out, in addition to over 20 tropical environments and children’s rides.


Visitors can also stop by McCarthy’s Wildlife Sanctuary in case there were animals that they missed at one place but want to check out another the next day. The Lion Country Safari is fun for those who want to get close to Africa’s most beautiful creatures.


Segway tours


As much as it saves time and money to get around town with a car or motorcycle, some methods of transportation are more fun and provide a more memorable experience. That’s where Segway tours come in, as they let you tour through West Palm Beach and learn about different parts of the city in a fun way.


These tours come with guides that teach you how to ride a Segway, which means that you don’t need experience to go on these tours. It helps to make sure that your kids have an easy time riding them, so you can embark on these tours with the whole family.


Waterpark attractions


Families can always have a fun time at waterparks, and you and your gang should make time for an afternoon at Rapids Water Park, which has attractions for everyone. Rides such as the Brain Drain and Big Thunder provide fast-paced slides and huge drops to get the adrenaline pumping for kids and adults.


Other options at this park include the Barefootin Bay for kids who want to enjoy interactive attractions and the Big Surf for riding the water of a wave pool. Other parks in town include Bill Moss Hillcrest Park and Calypso Bay Waterpark in case you’re staying for around a week.


Downtown tours


Checking out the more populated areas of cities makes it easy to find restaurants to eat at, plays to attend, souvenirs to buy, and other activities. Spending an afternoon or night on Clematis Street or CityPlace is a good place to check out, and you might come across live music and some historic landmarks.

Some tours in this area educate visitors on the culture of the food that makes this city popular, and you may be lucky to see a parade or light show come through the area. The vibe in these spots is colorful and friendly, and the locations are full of photo opportunities that encourage your friends to come when you show them your collection.

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