Colorado springs

The beautiful state of Colorado — Denver in particular — has many transplanted residents who came to the area for all it has to offer. In fact, Denver is one of the country’s fastest-growing cities, and if you’ve ever seen a photo with snow-covered Rockies in the background, you’ll understand why.


If you’re considering starting a new life in this amazing area, here’s what you need to know about Denver, its economy, and where you’ll be living.

Every neighborhood has its own vibe


When you talk with Centennial Colorado real estate experts, for example, you’ll find that this thriving Denver community has award-winning school districts and is renowned for its outdoor activities. If you want an area that caters to the young and has thriving nightlife, consider Uptown instead. If you looking for a diverse neighborhood with plenty of farmer’s markets, look into the Highlands. There is a Colorado neighborhood for everyone no matter what your lifestyle.

Don’t be afraid of the snow


One of the things that worries potential residents is the amount of snow this state gets. There is a lot of snow, but the city also sees an average of 300 sunny days every year. Plus, the summers are warm but not humid, meaning you’ll want to be outside for months at at time.


But you’ll also love those sunny days with snow on the ground, especially if you are into winter sports. If you’re not, consider taking them up once you get here.

Denver is a food-lover’s paradise


The city doesn’t have a national reputation as a foodie’s hangout, but within the state, everyone knows that Denver has some of the world’s best eats. Whether you need to find something the kids will love or want to challenge yourself with adventurous international fare, you can find it here.


Best of all, Denver’s focus on sustainable, health, and organic food means it’s easy to find food that is as good for you as it is healthy.


You don’t have to live in Denver


Boulder is only 30 miles away, and if you want a more laid back lifestyle, a smaller city to get around in, easy access to hiking trails whenever you want to get out, and true blended communities, Boulder might be the place for you.


Whether you get a Boulder architect to help you design your dream home or find what you want already built, living outside Denver but still an easy drive away could be a way to get the best of both worlds.

You almost never have to dress up


Most of the time, the only thing you’ll need in the state is your favorite t-shirt and pair of blue jeans. You’ll want a great coat for those cold days, and you might also want to stock up on ski gear and Broncos fan wear, but you won’t need a lot of suits and ties.


Of course that doesn’t mean there’s never a reason to dress up. You might choose to do so when you take in a Broadway show at the Center for the Performing Arts or enjoy filet mignon at Corrida.

You’ll never run out of microbrew


Both Denver and Boulder are in the top seven cities in America in terms of microbreweries per capita. Denver has long had a love affair with beer, and whatever type of brew you enjoy, you’ll find something to quench your thirst.


When you get there, get the lay of the land by booking a tour on the Denver Beer Trail. You’ll get a taste of some of the 100+ breweries and pubs Denver plays host to.


There are lots of great reasons to move to Colorado, whether you choose to be right in Denver or put down roots a bit further away. Come have a look for yourself. Odds are, you’ll love it.


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