Valentines Day

It seems like every coupled person circles February 14th as the day to get romantic. And it is a popular day for that, as Americans spend almost $20 billion a year on Valentine's Day celebrations. But it's far from the only time that you can show your partner you care. Things like jewelry and chocolate are good any day of the year.

It's important to sometimes go beyond the basics, though. If you want to show her you care, tell her you're scheduling a romantic vacation for two. Read on for three vacation ideas that will help you reconnect with each other as a couple.

Head to Europe

If money is a big limiting factor, you can feel free to stay in the United States. America has more than its fair share of romantic cities, including spots like New Orleans. Yet if you and your beloved have never gone to Europe together, then you need to start planning a trip. Europe is truly home to some of the most romantic destinations in the world. Italy and France get a lot of attention, and understandably so, but don't overlook England either.

Yes, England can be dreary and rainy, but that just gives you a good reason to stick closer to your date. If a walk through downtown London is out because of inclement weather, that's OK. A city as interesting as London gives you plenty of other options. For instance, you can get a little culture by purchasing "West End tickets." West End is London's answer to Broadway, with high production values and stellar acting. If you've been meaning to see shows like "Hamilton" or "Wicked" on Broadway, why not see them in London instead? Have dinner at one of the best restaurants in town beforehand to really make it a night worth remembering.

The farther away you get from home, the easier it can be to rekindle the romance. If you're at a diner down the street from your house, then real-life worries are going to intrude. You're going to think about things like work. Avoid that problem by jetting off to Europe for a few days instead.

Get a Limo

If you're lucky, your life together has only gotten better with time. Maybe you started out living together in a studio apartment in the city, but now you've got a house just a few miles from downtown. If your life together has gotten a few key upgrades, then your transportation should as well.

For example, maybe a limousine can pick you and your lady up at the airport the next time you go traveling. If you're heading to Orlando for a couples-only getaway, book a stretch limo on a site like It's a more luxurious way to arrive than simply going to the rental counter at the airport. If you want, you can even have a limousine shuttle you and your significant other around town to places like Disney World or Universal Studios.

Hit the Beach

Valentine's Day falls in the dead of winter, and that can make it hard to feel sexy, especially if you live in a harsh Northern climate like Boston or Chicago. But you can still take a trip to a sexier destination, including a spot with a beach. The beaches of Florida, California, and Texas are all good starting points if you want to get away with your beloved.

Make sure to bring swimsuits and plenty of sunblock, as well as chairs or lounges that will help you relax. You can dive into the water if you want, or you can just chill out on the beach and enjoy not having anything to do except look at each other. If you want a bit more privacy, look into renting a cottage that sits near the water. That way, you can hit the beach during off-times and avoid it when it's swamped.

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