The time your child emerges as a preteen and teenager can be awkward and confusing. Many can overcome this major life change and continue a fun, activity-filled school career. Sometimes things begin to occur that can cause physical and mental challenges you and your teen may not be ready for. Depression in kids can be difficult. However, you can find ways to treat it so your child can live a successful, fulfilling life. Here are some positive ways you can help channel your child’s passions towards a healthy lifestyle.

Many teenagers find themselves torn between their school life, social life, and home situations. Watching your children come home and lock themselves away in their room can be hard. During heated arguments, sometimes a clear mindset can be difficult. Be aware of who and what is happening with your child. It may be a situation with friends or struggling in a certain class.  When and if your teens are ready, they know they can come to you. Establish that you, as their parents, are open to them talking to you. 

If you find they may be better suited to talking to someone else, you have a few options. Let your family doctor give them a complete physical to rule out any medical issues. Once that is performed, you can create a program with a therapist or at home to suit their needs. 

One creative way is to channel their emotions through art. You don’t have to be an artist to draw or paint your way to get the emotions out. Known as art therapy, letting yourself heal through creativity can be beneficial. Painting colors, shapes, or even a happy memory can release dopamine, which is the hormone associated with love and positive thinking. Sometimes words can’t express how you feel. Releasing it on canvas may help. Photography can be another artistic way to capture people, places, or other topics you find intriguing. You can blow up the pictures and display them around the house. The images can bring solace when your teen is, at times, feeling low.

Journaling is another way to let out your teen’s feelings. You can use anything from a plain lined notebook to something found at a craft store. A hobby of any kind can occupy a teen’s time and calm them during turmoil. Writing a story about their issues can release some of the pressure they may be feeling as well. Being able to express themselves without judgment might be the right way to go for your teen. The photos that were taken earlier can be pasted into the book to begin a meaningful and personal collection. 

If your teen shows interest in something, pay attention. You can sign up your child at a local college that has programs for high school students so they can further their passion of writing, art, or what they find interesting. Your child can begin gaining credits thanks to some schools which offer online liberal arts associates degrees or other areas of study. STEM programs get kids involved with science and technology. 

Finding a support group at a center such as a residential treatment center for teen girls may be another option. Finding people who can identify with the same or similar issues might bring some comfort and camaraderie. Talking out your feelings can unload a great deal of the stress you’ve been holding in. Group therapy is usually people who have similar issues to discuss. Smaller groups might offer an easier atmosphere to begin with. Cognitive behavioral therapy can be successful when the patient is completely on board with a therapist. Your doctor will help you reshape actions during episodes or stressful situations. You will be able to acknowledge the occurrence and instead of avoiding it, use the strategies to try to overcome it. In addition to therapy, your doctor may recommend mood-stabilizing medications to help them focus on healing and leading a healthy life.

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