Motorbiking and hunting may not seem to have that much in common at first glance, other than they’re both outdoor activities. However, they can actually be a great combination, particularly if you’re an enthusiast of both. 

Motorbikes are obviously great for covering long distances in a short amount of time, but they probably don’t conjure an image of a quiet hunter stalking through the forest to most. On the contrary, however, they can get you to your ideal setup just fine and carry your kill after a successful hunt. The following are some of the best benefits of using a motorbike to hunt and how to make the most of them.

Street legality

When thinking about an off-road vehicle to use for hunting, most would probably think of using an ATV or UTV. Each have their own distinct uses. A potential disadvantage of each of them, however, is that they generally are not street legal and will require a kit and extensive work to make street legal (in the few places jurisdictions allow). Motorbikes are already street legal, so there will be no need to trailer them into hunting grounds like with other terrain vehicles. 

If needed, a motorbike can also double as your commuting vehicle, and it generally will cost about half as much as a UTV. Considering the increased maneuverability of a motorbike, with the right loadout, it can be both your ideal hunting vehicle and serve your everyday needs.

Bike equipment and accessories

Most motorbikes are pretty functional for hunting purposes from the get-go, but there are several things you can do to improve them. First and foremost, you’ll want the best tires possible for on and off road performance. Many experienced motorbike hunters recommend a tire with tread patterns similar to those for motocross performance but made with compounds that will last on any surface.

Motorbikes generally get fairly good MPG, but you may want to replace your stock tank for longer trips. Speaking of, you might also choose to fit your tank with a vest that can hold a GPS, flashlight, handgun, or any number of other useful items for an extended hunting trip.

You won’t want to forget to outfit your bike with a gun boot either, unless you’re planning to use a handgun for the entire trip. Boots come in all sizes to fit whatever weaponry you decide to bring, though newer and large models may be needed to fit unique weapons like an AR. Some even come with a transport case that can convert into a shooting mat.


Your choices of weaponry are obviously going to depend on what you’re able to carry and your state hunting regulations. Generally speaking, a .22 caliber rifle is a safe bet for hunting most game and can easily be carried on a motorbike. Rifles also tend to have fewer regulations applied to them vs. handguns. Many hunters who use handguns attach red dot sights or scopes to them to make them more accurate, as well as longer barrel attachments.

Shotguns are also generally effective hunting weapons, especially if you plan on using your motorbike on the actual hunt. Deer are easily spooked and fast to escape hunters, but you can easily position yourself behind them when using a motorbike. You’ll even have a chance of chasing down a fleeing deer when using a shotgun and rack combination on your bike, though you’ll likely want a shotgun laser sight, as a bumpy riding surface can render mixed results.

Overall, a motorbike is a great choice of hunting vehicle both for longer travels and carrying equipment, and can truly be a sportsman or woman’s best friend when hunting.

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