senior year

As much as everyone wishes college was like the movies, it isn’t. Sometimes it can feel close, but the rest of the time there is a lot to take care of, learn, and handle throughout the year. College is downplayed in movies as somewhere where school is actually a huge part of it. There is more going on than partying, and this is especially true for senior year. There is the freedom of having your own control over if you go to class or not. You also have to deal with your own health concerns, exercise routine, and diet. It can be a lot to handle—these are all things you realize freshman year. What about senior year? How do you navigate the in-between and prepare to leave college and enter the real world? Here are some tips.

Be smart about your job search

The scariest part of senior year is having to take probably your hardest classes yet while also looking for a job. It seems unfair, but it will really get you mentally ready to finish school. The work overload will keep you focused and ready to take on post-grad life. When looking for a job, be organized. Organization is your best friend. There are so many ways to optimize your job search. Use excel to make a spreadsheet of places you want to apply and reach out to. There are a ton of jobs out there that it can feel overwhelming when trying to prioritize. Color code your spreadsheet so that you know what kind of companies are on the list and if you reached out to a potential contact yet.

Write various cover letters and make a few resumes. This will make it possible for you to test out what works. You will apply to so many jobs and get a lot of rejections and a lot of positive responses. Being smart about your job search will make the job easier.

Use the resources that college provides while you can

As previously mentioned, school doesn’t just get easier senior year. You will have tons of papers to write and projects to complete. This is the year to finish strong and make the most out of the time you have left academically. When in school, there are tons of resources that you can use like study websites, tutors, and even a research paper writing service. Be smart about strategies when looking to get the best grades possible, and keep your workload light. Start with getting a calendar that you can use for assignments and work meetings. You want to get good grades while also focusing on your after-college plans.  


Learn to let go of college social life while still enjoying your last months

Senior year feels bitter sweet in many ways. You will be your busiest yet in all areas of life. You also will occasionally take a step back and realize that you and your friends are all about to disperse. It is important that you stay realistic about what time you need to put into school and the job search when thinking about your social life. You also want to take the time to relax and enjoy these fleeting moments that you will never have again. Take advantage of this time where all your friends are in the same place. Plan fun outings on days where you all can get away from work and school.

Senior year is a lot to handle in nearly every aspect. You want to take advantage of the time with your friends, the school resources, and the time you have to apply for jobs. Using the resources out there is the best strategy you have to make the most out of your final collegiate year.

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