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Building your business is tough work, with a variety of constraints and never ending difficulties that seem to creep up for the sole purpose of derailing your aspirations.

However, the biggest challenge in growing any organization is overcoming the things you don’t know. Building sales is all about experience, and we have taken the time to address your most sought after answers.

What is a sales lead?

Simply put, sales leads are people who are likely interested in your product. Whether your company sells innovative gardening equipment or high density portable hard drives, there are people out there who want to buy what you are offering. These people are leads.

The trouble with these leads is that they have not been contacted by your staff yet, and may not even know that you exist in a competitive marketplace. Especially when Amazon commands just under 50 percent of the online market and Walmart operates more than 5,000 locations within the United States alone (nearly 12,000 worldwide).

Sales leads are your way to get your foot in the door. They can contain as little as a name and basic contact info, or you may have found more detailed leads with age, demographic, location, or job information included.

How can you increase traffic to your business?

One way to increase interest in your business is to advertise. An expanded online presence is a great way to convert new clients. In fact, 80 percent of Americans are now shopping online, signaling the absolute necessity of web traffic to your product offerings.

If you are in the stage of lead generation, your business surely already has a web address, even if you operate a brick and mortar location as your primary retail space. Facebook and Google are good starting places: Facebook commands a startling 2.3 billion monthly users worldwide, a rich environment for driving interest to your site.

Likewise, Google ads appear on seemingly every site you visit regularly. Even news organizations stamp the edges of their pages with these banners.

How do you generate sales leads instead?

While Adsense and Facebook advertising are great options for growing organic traffic, sometimes you need a more direct approach. This can often generate sales more effectively.

Buying sales leads can be much less costly than paying per click on an ad banner. Plus, ad banners only appear alongside web content that Google deems relevant to your particular brand. Buying leads is important for growing sales in any business, but it must be done carefully.

Because not all leads are created equal, you need to make sure you do your research before paying up. As mentioned above, some leads contain only basic contact information. These leads tend to cost less, but if you are selling a new line of dog treats, for example, a little more information is essential to maximizing your time and profit.

Reporting can be contradictory, but in any market segment, doing your research to estimate conversion rates dependent on age, sex, or ethnic background is a critical step to the success of your product. After all, you don’t want to find out after you’ve purchased your leads that the teens you hope to sell to have grown out of the yoga pants fad and started wearing joggers instead, leaving you with a warehouse full of stretchy pants.

Completing market research will give you a greater sense of pride in your product, and it will also make you much more aware of those you are trying to sell it to. Acquiring information-rich sales leads rather than simple data can make all the difference in your business’ success.

These leads give you the information you need to launch a targeted ad campaign. And they help you focus your calling on those most likely to buy your product, rather than wasting energy on a lead who may not care about it.

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