No matter how healthy someone is in their youth, the body will weaken with age. Studies have shown that there are positive health benefits to ingesting cannabinoid products, specifically CBD. As a non-psychoactive extraction, CBD can be used as a topical cream, ingestible tinctures, edibles, or oil vapors. With new products being tailored toward the aging population, it’s time to discover the benefits of CBD for senior citizens. 


General Pain Relief


Seniors deal with routine aches, pains, muscle soreness, stiff bones, and joint pain daily. CBD has been shown to alleviate pain due to arthritis and work to physiologically reverse the cause of arthritis. Applying CBD topically in creams and ointments to painful areas is an effective acute treatment. CBD effectively treats muscle stiffness, aches, and pains by attaching to CB-2 receptors to reduce inflammation at the site of pain. Every cell and tissue in the body has these receptors, which means CBD can treat almost any kind of pain. 


The medical team at Autumn Lake Healthcare is dedicated to focusing on the personal concerns of each resident. Before incorporating CBD into a pain management regimen, consult with a physician at this healthcare center in Silver Spring, MD to discuss how to enjoy the most benefits. 


Improved Mental Health


CBD is patented as a “neuroprotectant” meaning it physiologically works to reverse the effects of neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and Huntington’s. Neurodegenerative disorders attack the brain and spinal cord. CBD helps by protecting the myelin insulation of nerve fibers in these sites from damage. Those with damage or deterioration of myelin show symptoms of dementia and decreased bodily control and movement. 


Improved Bone And Organ Health


Age-related osteoporosis can be prevented with the use of CBD and it can promote improved bone health by regulating CB receptors in the bone marrow. Cannabinoids are known to prevent cell degeneration by stimulating CB receptors within cell membranes. Since CB receptors are found in all cells and tissue types in the body, CBD has an overall anti-aging effect on organ functioning. 


Reduced Inflammation And Balanced Immune System 


One of the most researched benefits of CBD is its anti-inflammatory and immune regulatory properties. Ingesting a few drops of CBD oil daily can reduce acute inflammation in the body as well as aches, pains, sore bones, and sore muscle tissue. 


The immune system weakens with age, but CBD is known to regulate the immune response system. By protecting immune regulation, CBD helps fight bacteria and viruses to promote the health of cells and organs. 


CBD Oil Solutions is a one-stop online hemp CBD marketplace providing the best brands and products on the market. They carry both Full-Spectrum and THC-Free CBD Isolate based products like vape oil, tinctures, capsules, and topicals. In addition to products, CBD Oil Solutions also provides first-time users with guides that educate about the benefits, uses, and types of CBD. 


Better Sleep Quality 


Getting quality sleep is important to staying healthy, but unfortunately, seniors struggle with this. Not only does CBD have pain-relieving properties and alleviate acute and chronic muscle spasms that interrupt sleep, but it also has a soothing, calming mental effect. CBD naturally relaxes the mind and body to promote natural, quality sleep necessary for cell regeneration and well-being. 


Appetite Stimulation 


With age comes gastrointestinal complications due to inflammation and cell deterioration in the digestive tract. CBD helps with digestive health by stimulating cells in the gastrointestinal lining and alleviating inflammation. 


Loss of appetite is common with old age due to side-effects from medicine and an overall reduced desire for food. CBD not only promotes digestive health, but it also stimulates appetite which is needed to maintain overall well-being.


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