While dating may look a little different during the COVID-19 lockdown, there’s no reason why you can’t get creative in meeting up with a potential soulmate. Setting up a Zoom date with your new Hinge match is a great way to explore a connection and see if you’re interested in continuing a relationship in the outside world. Below are five tips for looking your best during this new way of dating. 

Really plan your outfit.

You may be sitting at home, but you can still dress up as you normally would for a date. There’s nothing wrong with pulling out that LBD you have sitting in your closet, and if it seems a little too dressy for a date on the computer, throw a jacket over it. Jumpsuits are another popular option for that effortless date night look. As for shoes, that’s totally up to you. If you think a stiletto will give you the power to look and feel your best, then so be it. 

Accessorize your outfit with some bling.

Adding some sparkle can add a little something special to your outfit that you never knew you needed. Agape Diamonds is the go-to for all of your shiny accessories. They help preserve the planet by offering environmentally friendly and “conflict-free” jewelry at exceptional prices. 

“Agape” means “love” and they embrace the sentiment of love by creating one-of-a-kind jewelry at affordable prices. Agape Diamonds reviews are no joke, either. Customers have rated the brand averaging at 4.75 stars, and these buyers are extremely satisfied with their new bling. One reviewer rated her experience with the brand five-out-of-five stars, writing that the checkout process was fast and seamless. Another reviewer wrote that the entire process was very convenient and the price was awesome. Agape Diamonds reviews don’t lie. 

A good makeup routine is key.

Take some advice from some leading women in their industry, such as Kim Kardashian and sports reporter Erin Andrews. Erin is always rocking an effortless makeup routine, and her secret is a good primer

Kim shared a step-by-step at-home makeup routine, which makes it easy for you to do as well. She swears by pink blush, and said: “Pink blush just makes you look awake and youthful.” 

Experiment with lashes.

Magnetic lashes give your final look a little something extra. Glamnetic has got you covered in this department. These DIY magnetic lashes are reusable, super easy, and are hassle-free. “Beauty should be effortless, but the reality is our everyday makeup routine takes far too long,” says founder Ann McFerran. “At Glamnetic, we value efficiency and finding ways to make women’s lives easier. We believe in inventing shortcuts and finding easier ways for our customers to look beautiful.” And don’t worry, you’ll have many different styles to choose from.

Add some curl.

Go for that beachy, tousled look to add some dimension to your hair. The best way to do this is to curl your hair as you normally would and comb it out with your fingers to create those sexy beach waves. Some volumizing hair spray can never hurt either. By the time your date begins, you’ll look (and feel) like a bombshell. 

This may not have been the most ideal way to meet your potential significant other, but you’ll look better than ever and still have a great date. And who knows, maybe this can be the new norm for you and your boo. 

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