1: Be aware of alcohol poisoning

If you suspect a person is suffering from alcohol poisoning call 911 IMMEDIATELY. Symptoms include:

  • Unconsciousness or semi-consciousness
  • Fever or chill
  • Vomiting
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Bluish gums or fingernails

2: Hydrate

Drink water leading up to your dunk! Becoming dehydrated while drinking can be extremely dangerous. Make sure you’re hydrated both pre and post-dunk.

3: Choose your dunk drink/material wisely

In the past, dunks have been done in many different things, not just alcohol. Choose what YOU want to dunk in. Some unique choices to consider could be:

  • Chocolate milk
  • Soda
  • Iced tea
  • Cheeto puffs

Don’t be afraid to mix it up, or dunk in less than the normal pitcher amount.

4: Let carbonated drinks sit

If you dunk in beer or a carbonated drink, make sure you let the drink sit AT LEAST a few hours in advance with a layer of Saran wrap over it. This will get rid of the carbonation and reduce the chances of you throwing up during or after your dunk.

5: Don’t dunk on an empty stomach

Have something in your stomach when you dunk! This will help absorb the alcohol (if that’s what you’re dunking in) and make you feel better after. DO NOT eat a huge meal right before. In that instance you will need to make sure you follow TIP 6.

6: Have a trash can nearby

Vomiting following a dunk can be possible due to the large amount of substance introduced into the system in a short period of time. Make sure if you do have to throw up, a place to do so is nearby. A bucket or trash can may prove invaluable.

7: Be careful on elevated surfaces (audience and dunker)

Make sure you’re not going to fall off the elevated surface should you choose to dunk from a platform. Have someone spot you both front and in the back to make sure you don’t have to leave your dunk early to get stitches.

8: When hosting ring dunks, be mindful of neighbors and city ordinances!

If you’re hosting a backyard dunk be mindful of a few things:

  • Make sure you have adequate and legal parking for all the people in attendance. Think ahead! Getting towed would put a damper on anyone’s party.
  • Let your neighbors know you’re having a party, better yet, INVITE THEM! There is nothing worse than having a large loud party next door that you had no idea was happening. Be courteous Ags; be good neighbors.

9: Don’t dunk alone

Dunk with friends, or wait until other friends get their rings and then dunk together. You don’t have to dunk right away, if at all, but if you do make sure you are dunking with other people­ `­— it’s much more fun.

10: Wear something you don’t mind getting dirty

Now is not the time to wear your Sunday best. The Aggie Ring dunk is a messy tradition, so make sure you’re prepared. Some examples of great things to wear:

  • Trash bags
  • Ponchos
  • Bibs
  • Old T-shirts

11: Don’t Swallow Your Ring

Accidents do happen. Make sure this one does not happen to you.

  • Tie some fishing line to the ring and the handle of the pitcher
  • Slow down drinking toward the end in order to make sure you don’t actually swallow it.
  • Plan ahead

12: Take pictures and have fun

This is a no brainer. When a person dunks their ring, they are surrounded by their friends and family. Make sure it’s well documented no matter how messy you might look and make sure you’re having fun. This event is about you and your journey at A&M, not anyone else’s. Your dunk is your day — enjoy it!

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