Emmy Bost

My earliest memories of Aggieland are from tailgates under the big tree at the Northgate Post Office, alongside my family and their old friends β€” all wearing their Aggie Rings from their time at A&M. As a young girl, I remember watching the Corps of Cadets march in to Kyle Field on game days and being enthralled by the band at halftime shows.

My time spent on campus as a young girl and the fond stories I heard from my parents about their shenanigans in Schuhmacher Hall and Evans Library made me quickly fall in love with the university and realize that this was where I wanted to have my college experience too.

Now, as a senior at A&M, I have found an infinite number of reasons to love this university, in all of the opportunities, relationships and experiences it has brought to me.

When I wear my Aggie Ring for the first time on Friday, it will not only mark the achievement of completing 90 hours of classes; it will also symbolize everything I devoted my time to outside of my time in the classroom – my family, friends, The Battalion, Arabic Club and international experiences. I would not be where I am today if it were not for these people, organizations and experiences. My ring will ultimately symbolize every step and person that helped to bring me to my Aggie Ring Day.

My time here has taught me so many things, academically and personally. My love for knowledge and learning was sparked at A&M and I know that it is something I will continue to feed for the rest of my life. Throughout my experiences at A&M, I have discovered my passions and what drives me, and will forever be grateful to my family, professors and friends that have shared their wisdom and encouraged me to succeed.

As a young girl, I remember hearing about β€˜the spirit that could never be told,’ but I never quite understood this spirit, or truly felt it, until the beginning of this semester. I have grown to love this university and its history so much and each time I look down at my Aggie Ring on my right hand, it will serve as a physical reminder of the Spirit of Aggieland and the common experience that connects every Aggie.

My Aggie Ring will serve as a tangible representation of all of the knowledge, lessons and relationships I have gained throughout my time at A&M. It will symbolically encapsulate my entire experience at A&M; one that has been full of highs and lows. I have learned and grown the most from the times that I was challenged on this campus, academically and personally.

For this reason, I will always be thankful for my time at A&M and the person that it has shaped me to be. I am so proud to be a part of the Aggie family.

Emmy Bost is a journalism studies senior and assistant news editor for The Battalion.

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