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May 14, 1996 - August 16, 2018

Silver Taps: Thomas “Tom” Pierce Followwill

Tom Followwill

Tom Followwill and his parents, Kim and Jerry, enjoyed traveling together.

Thomas “Tom” Pierce Followwill, construction science senior, will be remembered for his positive outlook on life, dedicated work ethic and love for the outdoors.

Tom’s older brother, Sam Followwill, said Tom was energetic and full of happiness throughout their childhood.

“He always wanted to go do something, never really wanted downtime,” Sam said. “Whether it was practicing archery or playing sports in the backyard, we were always outside together.”

The Followwills traveled frequently, and usually went on hikes during their trips. Tom’s mother, Kim Followwill, said she has fond memories of Tom reaching out to support her any time he had the opportunity.

“On our recent hiking trip to Greece, there would be times when he would turn around and give me his hand and say, ‘Come on, Mom. I’ve got you,’” Kim said. “He’d pull me up the next step. He would tell me all the time, ‘I’ve got you, Mom.’”

Tom loved being outdoors as often as possible, and enjoyed hunting and saltwater fishing. Sam said Tom was always looking for a new challenge or hobby.

“It was almost like whenever he’d find something he was passionate about or enjoyed or [was] interested in, he’d just tackle it head-on no matter what it was,” Sam said.

One of Tom’s many interests was weightlifting, which became a major part of his life.

“He worked out every single day almost without failure,” Kim said. “If he had a long day of classes, he might get to Gold’s Gym at five o’clock in the morning.”

Kim, who compares Tom’s work ethic to that of his father’s, said one of Tom’s favorite sayings was “Chase success without failure.” Kim said Tom lived out this motto in his everyday life.

“If it was something he wanted to master, it would be hard to get in his way and he would probably be the best at it,” Kim said. “He would do a lot of research trying to figure out what the best way was. I don’t think it ever crossed his mind that he couldn’t do something.”

Sam said the biggest lesson he learned from Tom was to always do the right thing, even when others aren’t watching.

“He’d bend over backward and help somebody,” Sam said. “He’d drive three hours to help you with something if you needed it.”

Kim said Tom’s favorite aspects of A&M were the traditions and support system the Aggie Network provided. Tom was active in the Delta Tau Delta fraternity and loved being surrounded by his family and friends.

Sam said he will remember all the times he spent with Tom, and he will miss having someone honest and trustworthy to open up to.

“We pretty much did everything together every weekend,” Sam said. “I know I only had him for 22 years, but I truly feel like I got more out of my brother in 22 years than most people get in a lifetime.”

Tom was grounded in his Christian faith, something his loved ones are finding comfort in.

“There’s absolutely no doubt that our Thomas is in heaven,” Kim said. “That is how his friends and family are weathering the storm.”

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