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Feb. 16, 1997 — April 20, 2019

Silver Taps: Nathan Wesley Matos

A strong leader who was always happy to help

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Nathan Matos’ kindhearted, loyal and hard-working personality made him a great friend, son, brother and Aggie.

The history senior was born and raised in New Jersey and moved to attend Texas A&M — one of his top choices. Matos grew to love his campus and his life in the Corps of Cadets. The friends he made became lifelong companions and will hold a special place in their hearts for him, said Nathan’s father Edwin Matos. 

“From what they tell me, they just loved working with Nate,” Edwin said. “He was supposed to be a part of two weddings and both chose not to replace Nate in the bridal party. … They chose to have a spot up there representing Nate.”

Nathan was a well-rounded student who was strong in academics and extracurriculars. Throughout his life, he loved playing a number of sports, from baseball to track. Nathan’s mother, Kathy Matos, said he was a helping hand everywhere he went from the Corps to church, and he never hesitated to assist in any capacity.

“He took great pride in whatever he did,” Kathy said. “He did the job most people didn’t want to do. Even the smallest of jobs, they knew Nathan would get it done.”

Edwin remembers the time his son joined the National Honor Society in high school. He said Nathan was so pleased, as it was a big achievement for a young man.

“This was a big milestone for him and the entire family,” Edwin said. 

Nathan enjoyed serving others, which was one of his favorite aspects of the Corps. Edwin remembers the time Nathan brought him into the stadium to watch his son and other cadets raise the flags. As a father, Edwin was pleased to see the leadership qualities Nathan possessed. 

“He wasn’t harsh; he didn’t boss them around,” Edwin said. “When there was a problem, they would call, he’d come running. He was a good leader, and he wasn’t rude or tough on them.” 

Aside from sports and service, Nathan had a couple unique hobbies that kept him busy in his free time. Since he was a child, Nathan was an avid chef. He would create masterpieces in the kitchen, from elaborate desserts to handmade pasta. 

Nathan also loved building with LEGO bricks. Even after coming to college, he continued to build as his collection of pieces grew. 

“He loved LEGO sets, not those small ones but the big 500, 1,000-piece ones,” Edwin said.

Not only did Nathan fulfill all his academic and Corps duties, but he also was an amazing brother. His twin brother, Jordan Matos, was born with a brain injury which resulted in disabilities. Nathan was always there for Jordan, whether it was helping him navigate through life or just spending time with him, Kathy said. 

“We could always count on Nathan to be there for Jordan,” Kathy said. “He cared and loved him. He was a great brother.”

During the most recent Family Weekend, Nathan received his Aggie Ring, the Outstanding Cadet Award and an Outstanding Corps Staff Officer award, making him and his family incredibly proud. Looking back at that weekend, Kathy is grateful that her son was respected by all and will be remembered by all he has accomplished. 

“He went out on top, with everyone’s respect,” Kathy said.

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