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April 13, 2000 - August 28, 2018

Silver Taps: Joseph "Joe" William Little

A dedicated sports fan with an open heart

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Joseph Little

Joseph Little was a Blinn TEAM freshman and new Phi Gamma Delta Member who died in late August.

Remembered by family and friends for his kind demeanor, gracious manner and loving heart, Joe Little constantly lifted the spirits of those around him.

Known to spark a smile on anyone’s face, the Blinn TEAM freshman touched countless lives and instantly made strangers into friends. Joe’s mother, Kris Little, said Joe should be remembered for his vibrant personality — a trait she said many could learn from.

“Joe was a gentle soul with a big smile and an even bigger heart,” Kris said. “I did not realize how many lives he touched in his short life. It is comforting to me to know happy memories of him will remain in so many people’s hearts. I know he will be dearly missed, and I hope in my life that I am fortunate enough to live like Joe.”

Joe’s sister, Maggie Little, said Joe’s extensive knowledge of sports brought him joy, and he loved to share his fondness and interest with anyone around.

“His big round head was full of unlimited sports knowledge,” Maggie said. “If you ever needed to know a fact about a player or who was going to win the game, you could call on Joe. He always knew the answer, and I am not sure how he kept all of that information on hand at all times. My mom always called him the sports encyclopedia. She said it was as if he had a Rolodex of sports information in his head that he would flip through to find the answer.”

Joe’s contagious, positive attitude left an impression, Maggie said.

“Joe’s laugh and smile were electric,” Maggie said. “You couldn’t help but be happy when he was happy. I can still imagine him leaning down slightly, curling up his hand and laughing into it. Anyone that knew him can picture exactly what I’m talking about.”

Maggie said Joe had a natural ability to make anyone feel welcome and loved.

“I’m not sure how, but it seemed everywhere he went he knew someone,” Maggie said. “Once you met Joe, he made you feel as though you had been his friend for life. He couldn’t help but welcome you into his big heart.”

Cherishing every day, Joe was loved by many and did not take life for granted, Maggie said.

“I feel a great honor in being called his big sister and being able to watch him grow into a strong young man,” Maggie said. “My family and I will miss his laugh, his voice radiating through a room, his big heavy steps around the house, his screams at the TV over a sporting event, his comebacks to every insult you could think of. We’ll deeply and forever miss everything about him.”

Editor’s note: Joe Little was honored at the October Silver Taps ceremony. The Battalion was unable to speak with his family in time for the Oct. 1 print edition, so his tribute article is included in today’s paper.

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