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March 27, 1992 - Sept. 2, 2017

Silver Taps: Shalini Singh

A kind-hearted, energetic problem solver

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Shalini Singh

Shalini Singh was a soulful person with an energetic personality, who lit up the room. 

Shalini Singh will be remembered for her ravishing personality, eagerness to help and confidence in herself and the the people around her. She always strived to be the best version of herself and highlighted the best aspects of others, from her friends to her family. Her bright personality impacted so many lives.

There is a saying in Delhi, India, “Dil walon ki Delhi,” which means people from Delhi are big hearted. Shalini was the epitome of this saying. She had a big heart and would go to any length to help others.

Dharmraj Giri, graduate student in epidemiology and a friend of Shalini’s said even though he had first connected with her online in India and had not met in-person then, she assured him that he would travel with him to Texas A&M when his I-20 was delayed.

“She would always tell me not worry and that we all will fly together to A&M and to get other things ready, as I waited for my I-20 arrives,” Dharmraj said. “She would always tell me that it’ll get done even before I know it. Certainly you know how kind and nice she was, if she was like this to people she has met only on the phone.”

When he first met her, they spoke like they had known each other for years. Dharmraj said that she made the transition for him and many others smooth and easy with her inviting personality and helpful attitude.

Strong willed, independent, and a dreamer are three adjectives her friend of eight years, and graduate student in epidemiology, Ranu Chouhan, said described Shalini. In every room she entered, there was an aura surrounding her, drawing people near; it was impossible to miss her with her striking personality and affection for others, Ranu said.

Her presence not only had an effect on people, but also on animals. They had a special place in their life, from her dog, Tomma, who died a year exactly before her, to strays roaming the streets. Even at her short time at Texas A&M, she made plenty of animal friends, said Ranu.

Throughout her life, she was always full of energy and ready to face everything head on. She never left the house without being properly dressed up, even if it was just an errand to run. She always wanted to look her best.

“She was usually just high on life, I would sometimes joke with her that she did not have blood running through her veins, it must be something else that keeps you so energized all the time,” Ranu said.

She was the life of her family and immensely close to her brother, Ranu said and that losing Shalini, she had lost a part of her. Shalini and her brother had an incredibly strong relationship. They depended on her for every small problem. Although being in India, if he had a problem, the first person he would call was Shalini. She would always have a solution for him. They were best friends before siblings, and were inseparable.

“My heart is completely broken at this immense loss and I firmly believe we are all a little less because of it,” Ranu said. “The world is a little less bright without her in it.”

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