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October 17, 1998 - May 15, 2020

Silver Taps: Prescilla Marie Sanchez

A loving daughter and sister, strong in faith

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Prescilla Marie Sanchez

Prescilla Sanchez touched the lives of many and had a love for her family that never exhausted.

Prescilla Marie Sanchez was a dedicated student, daughter and sister who was rooted in faith from a young age and will be remembered for kindness to everyone she encountered and her willingness to help those in need.

Born and raised in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, Prescilla Marie Sanchez was always close with her family and God. She was involved with her church and led her local youth group. Her mother, Lori Sanchez, said Prescilla was always there for anyone who needed a helping hand.

“When she was born, she was born a leader,” Lori said. “She was always wanting to help her brother and sister. She always helped other kids in school, helping them learn whatever they didn’t understand. She always had big faith in God and inspired other people in everything she did.”

Her mother also said Prescilla was both artistic and athletic. When she got to Texas A&M, Prescilla made bracelets and sold them for a dollar. She also played many sports in junior high and high school and was a member of the National Honor Society.

“She was very athletic in high school and middle school,” Lori said. “She did soccer, volleyball, track, basketball. I think she loved volleyball and track more than anything, though.”

Some of her favorite moments with Prescilla were at home, relaxing. Lori said they were very close, and didn’t have to be doing anything special for their time together to be just that.

“I was really close [to] her. I’m close with all my children, but we had a special bond. She was one of my best friends,” Lori said. “She was always there for everybody. I think some of my most fun moments were just hanging at the house and being goofy and silly together. We love movies, having movie nights, game nights.”

Prescilla always treasured her family. Even with a mother, father, stepmother, five younger sisters, a younger brother and a large extended family, her love for them never exhausted.

“She was very family oriented,” Lori said. “We have a divided family, so she has like four other siblings on her dad’s side plus [her sister] Audrey, so she had a big family. She loved playing with the kids. We just really enjoyed our time together.”

Lori said she was worried when Prescilla only applied to A&M and no other universities. However, Lori said Prescilla was not worried at all. She was accepted, but like any college student, the change took some getting used to.

“It was quite an adjustment at first, for her,” Lori said. “Of course, she was just like any college kid being away from their family. She’s the first one to go off to college, the oldest of all of her siblings. Once she got in and started meeting people and getting connected in the Christian groups and life groups, she soared.”

Prescilla may have been away from family at A&M, but she always had people near her and was welcoming to everyone, Lori said.

“She met anybody anywhere she went,” Lori said. “She always had friends. Nobody was really a stranger to her.”

When the news of Prescilla’s passing reached her friends in College Station, Lori said the condolences she received from the many people who knew Prescilla were touching.

“I’ve had tons of people I don’t know, college kids and friends of hers reach out,” Lori said. “What I keep hearing is what a beautiful light she was and how she encouraged and lifted everyone around her. She had her hard times too, just like any college kid, but she leaned on God more than anything, and she loved God with all her heart and her family.”

Lori said she wants Prescilla’s friends and classmates to follow her daughter’s lead and have faith, no matter how bleak a situation may look.

“I just want everybody who is reading her story to know: no matter what hard times or trials that are difficult to come through, God is helping you and lean on God because He will shine through and help you through,” Lori said.

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