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Dec. 20 1995 - Jan. 16, 2019

Silver Taps: Noah Joseph Gunhouse

A caring son with a love for music and sports

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Noah Joseph Gunhouse was a confident man with a passion for his family and friends.

The construction science senior was born close to Christmas, which was always a special time in his family’s home, said Noah’s mother, Shelly Gunhouse.

“He was a Christmas baby and at his birthday time, he always wanted to make sure that we didn’t mix birthday and Christmas together,” Shelly said.

Noah always spent Christmas surrounded by family and friends, celebrating special traditions.

“Noah’s last Christmas was a great Christmas like no other,” Shelly said.

Noah traveled to go hiking in Colorado and New Mexico for family vacations, but his favorite place to visit was the beach.

“We have a really big family and family has always been really important,” Shelly said. “We always got together with our family and did things and went on lots and lots of vacations.”

Noah was especially close with his older brother, Regan, and the two were often referred to as twins.

Shelly particularly remembers when she went with Noah to Crockett to take his driver’s test, and how he was determined to beat his brother’s score. After passing the test with flying colors, Noah took Regan for a ride.

“Before all was said and done, Noah ran into the median and got the car stuck on the median the first night with his driver’s license,” Shelly said. “That’s a forever story that will be really funny. He wasn’t a great driver, but he did a lot of other things really well.”

Noah attended Klein High School where he graduated along with many of his childhood friends.

“He was smart, he was caring, he was kind,” Shelly said. “He had a lot of friends. Everybody who met him loved him. He never met a stranger.”

Noah also had a love for music; he enjoyed many genres like rock, country western and rap, but especially loved classic country artists like Johnny Cash. Noah also taught himself to play piano.

“He just really enjoyed music a lot,” Shelly said.

Noah played baseball, basketball, football and ran track, but the sport he loved the most was lacrosse. While practicing against brick walls, Noah broke many windows before becoming proficient at the sport.

Noah also became an escort for Klein High School’s drill team, the Bearkadettes.

“He was just a silly, funny guy,” Shelly said. “He was always joking around, always laughing very good natured, very easygoing.”

Noah grew up in Houston’s Hosanna Lutheran church, where he was baptised, attended Sunday school and was confirmed. He also served as an acolyte, an usher and a singer in the choir.

“He was also a really good speaker,” Shelly said. “He would get up and tell stories and at church. Sometimes he would read and he was just really good at that kind of thing.”

Although he was annoyed when his brother — who always wanted to go to LSU — attended A&M before him, Noah soon joined Regan at A&M after studying at Lone Star Junior College for a year.

Having a desire to be an Aggie since middle school, Noah received his Aggie ring in November 2018 and was expected to graduate in December 2019.

Shelly said that Noah taught her that no situation was worth getting too upset about because it would all work itself out somehow.

“He liked to think about things positively instead of negatively,” Shelly said. “He wanted to make people proud and that was his number one goal. … And he made everyone in the family proud, especially his grandfather.”

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