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August 27, 1997 — May 19, 2018

Silver Taps: Emily Lynne Chaffin

A loving daughter with a sense of humor

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Emily Chaffin, or Emi (Ah-mee) as her father affectionately called her, will always be remembered by her family for her sense of humor and strong faith.

The first generation Aggie is described by her father, Jeff Chaffin, and sister, Ashley Krobot, as bringing light into every room. A gifted athlete and intelligent business student, Emily excelled at everything she did.

“From very early on, she was crazy beautiful,” Jeff said. “As a small child, she had this stunning smile that would just light up the room. Very smart with very little effort. Things just came to her naturally, like sports.”

Jeff described Emily’s group of friends as very tight knit and said he was happy she had them, but Emily was always closest to her two older siblings. Ashley remembers all the laughs they shared during family game nights.

“Being the baby of the family, me and my brother picked on [Emily] a lot and thought it was so funny how mad it made her,” Ashley said. “As we got older, we got closer. Us three siblings would have fun playing Just Dance and having our mom video us. We laughed a lot together.”

Ashley said she loved having a little sister that she could do girly things with. She fondly remembers going out with her to get pedicures.

“My favorite memory is going with Emily the day I was getting engaged,” Ashley said. “She knew I was getting engaged that night but said she was taking me to get my nails done for my birthday. She was so proud that she kept that secret the whole time.”

Jeff recalls Emily’s love for their rescue dog growing up and her fascination with all animals.

“One funny memory is when we were outside in the front yard and somebody had spotted some baby squirrels in a tree so [Emily] ran as fast as she could to go see them but she tripped over the water hose,” Jeff said. “She sprung up immediately. I couldn’t believe my eyes. She went down to her face and back up so fast just to see those squirrels.”

Emily had a way of making her family laugh, whether it was through her clumsiness or her sarcastic wit, but her family loved it most when she laughed.

“I will miss our family game nights with her,” Ashley said. “I will miss how she got so delirious when she was tired and she would laugh until she would snort. I will miss the girl time we had together. Our family will absolutely never be the same without her and we can’t wait to be reunited again one day.”

Jeff said Emily’s family is very Christ-centered, so they feel at peace knowing that she was strong in her faith.

“She definitely believed in the Lord and loved the Lord, which gives us comfort since we lost her,” Jeff said. “We’re thankful that she was a Christian. That’s more important than anything.”

Life & Arts Editor

Hannah Falcon, Class of 2021, studies telecommunication and journalism and was a Life & Arts reporter and editor.

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