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April 29, 1996 - July 4, 2017

Silver Taps: Brian Edward Bullock

A tireless friend who found the adventure in everything

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Brian Bullock

Brian Edward Bullock was known as the friend of the friendless, the glue that held any group together and an ear to all.

Growing up in the town of Burnet, Texas, Brian was raised as an Aggie country boy. He enjoyed playing basketball, a good piece of steak and everything nature had to offer from hunting to fishing to hiking. Recently he had acquired a new hobby of participating in adventurous sports, which gave him the chance to discover another side of nature.

Brian’s father Dan Bullock said Brian loved to admire the outdoors and he took in every bit.

“He was really into adventure and thrill seeking and just really loved nature,” Dan said. “I mean, he was just eating up as much as he could. He loved nature and what he called God’s creation. He loved being out in the mountains and the streams and seeing the sunrise and sunset and really enjoying the outdoor life and adventure.”

One of Dan’s favorite memories of his son is of him playing basketball. Being a huge Johnny Manziel fan, his cheering section at his high school basketball games had shirts made with a picture of Manziel’s body with Brian’s face attached with his hands up doing money signs. He loved Manziel and basketball so much that he even broke some rules at his high school.

“After Brian hit three [pointers] he’d do the money sign as would his whole cheering section,” Dan said. “Coach told him not to do it anymore. Brian was a rule follower and so normally would have listened, and in fact meant to, but instinctively did it [the] very next shot and was taken out of game. Coach couldn’t believe Brian did that, but it was honestly not intentional.”

Growing up as an Aggie, the Aggie Spirit lived within him and the honor code encompassed his way of life Dan said.

“Brian tried to make everyone around him happy, whether he knew them or not,” Dan said. “He was as accepting and honest as a person could be.”

“He grew up a huge A&M fan and I remember driving up to the games and him and his friends would have pictures of Stephen McGee taped to the windows and he loved all that,” Dan said. “As big as an A&M fan he was, when he passed away and we were looking for a grave site back there in Burnet and [we found out that] Pinky Wilson, the guy that wrote the Aggie War Hymn, was buried in Burnet and Brian’s spot is right next to him.”

One of Brian’s virtues that stood out to his dad most was his moral compass. Many people trusted him for advice and decisions because they knew that his moral compass was immensely strong. After Brian’s passing, many people approached Dan and Lisa Bullock with one question: what would Brian do?

“Independently, we have had three or four people come and tell us, what we had been talking as a family about, and that is that they would ask themselves ‘What would Brian do,’” Dan said. “Brian had such an incredible moral compass and was so thoughtful of others, in fact his mom now has a bracelet now that says ‘what would Brian do?’”

He was a person that was always there for others, even if it was just lending his ear to listen or providing a shoulder to lean on. Even his parents were surprised at how many people were his close friends and how he had directly or indirectly touched their lives.

“We can’t say that we necessarily instilled that in him, he was born that way,” Dan said. ”Even as a little kid, we have learned from Brian and it has been amazing to see how many people he has impacted at just 21 years old.”

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