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Sept. 3, 1992 ­— July 27, 2017

Silver Taps: Benjamin Langston Hopper

A dedicated son excited to be an Aggie

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Benjamin Hopper

Benjamin Langston Hopper will be remembered for his integrity, perseverance, love and devotion to his family and friends through his intentionality and dedication to improve himself.

Benjamin was a molecular biology junior who loved to spend his summers at the Frio River surrounded by the people he loved. Benjamin was very dedicated to personal nutrition and wellness, and always loved to watch the Aggies play. He had a diverse selection of novels he liked to read and loved to play golf in his free time.

Benjamin’s parents, Luanne Boyd and John Hopper, Class of 1986, said he was hardworking. During his time at A&M he had to take time off and one of Luanne’s favorite memories of Benjamin was hearing the excitement in his voice when he told his parents he received his second acceptance letter to Texas A&M.

Benjamin will be remembered for his kindness and respect for himself and others. He loved to learn about nutrition and exercise and how they affected the body.

“If he said he was going to be somewhere or do something or call you back, he would,” Luanne said. “If he said something he was going to do it.”

Nicholas Hopper, Benjamin’s younger brother, said his favorite memories with Benjamin comes from one of their trips to the Frio River in which the river flooded and Benjamin went out of his way to care for his grandmother.

“The flood water was about 4 or 5-feet high,” Nicholas said. “Ben took care of Grandma, cleaned out the cabin, really provided for her.”

Nicholas said that he will remember kayaking the floodplain for over seven miles during the day that summer and enjoyed spending that time with him.

Benjamin loved to travel and is remembered by his father for their memories visiting New York City and getting to see the Dalai Lama at the University of Colorado.

“One of my favorite memories with Ben was when I dropped him off at DFW airport and he said ‘Dad, I’m glad you’re my dad,’” John said.

Luanne said she remembers Benjamin as being loyal to his friends, honest, forthright, and determined to improve his academics. Perseverance was a quality his family saw him exemplify.

“I learned [from Benjamin] that if you put your mind and give it all your focus, you can achieve it,” Luanne said.

Nicholas said that he will miss intentional discussion and mentorship from his older brother the most.

“The types of conversations he’d have with people were ones with value. He had a good perspective,” Nicholas said. “The way I view the world was shaped by how he viewed the world.”

Nicholas said that Benjamin exemplified selfless service through the random acts of kindness he would perform for other people, often going unnoticed.

“Benjamin taught me to be true person,” Nicholas said. “He was pretty real with what he’d say, he could see into people pretty well and went one hundred percent with everything he did.”

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