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November 25, 1998 - May 12, 2018

Silver Taps: Anna Dryden Wegener

A confident leader with a big heart

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Remembered for her self-sacrificing love, authentic playfulness and natural ability to connect with anyone around her, Anna Wegener continuously radiated a passion to serve others and pursued a life of grace.

As a member of YoungLife and the Kappa Alpha Theta sorority, Anna touched countless lives and sparked laughter in anyone she encountered.

“Anna was one of those people that you have a conversation with and automatically know that there is something different about her,” marketing senior Lauren Hancock said. “She lived boldly and loved people and was insanely committed to being there for people. Anna is not only beautiful, but had a confidence to her that all of her friends admired.”

Lauren said Anna loved to dance and found joy in being the life of the party. Anna once woke up at 5 a.m. to cheer on Lauren at her half marathon after a night of no sleep due to a YoungLife event. Through her selfless actions, Anna consistently demonstrated how to be a sincere friend.

Business administration sophomore Alli Goss said Anna was fearlessly herself and impacted everyone she met while still remaining humble.

“Anna knew no stranger and brought so many different people together,” Alli said. “To her close friends, she was a steadfast and encouraging companion. She listened intently and was slow to speak and showed empathy and wisdom beyond her years when she did.”

Alli said Anna sat on a patio with her last semester and ate Torchy’s queso while they talked about their experiences as high school YoungLife leaders.

“Anna was so confident and excited that this time had finally come,” Goss said. “She went on and on about how she loved her team and the kids of Navasota High School. It brings me so much joy to know she got to live her dream, even if only for a few short weeks.”

Anna’s sister, Amelia Wegener, said Anna created her own fun through Harry Potter Marathons, random Icee runs or spontaneous dance parties at 1 a.m. to the music from La La Land and Hamilton.

“No exaggeration, when Anna entered the room, everything was better,” Amelia said. “She taught me how to make a party out of everything I did. This girl wore high heels and had a dance party every time she cleaned her room. You can’t help but laugh when she’s around. She exuded a genuine, innocent joy that can only come from the Lord.”

According to Amelia, Anna loved deeply, lived bravely and cared courageously.

“Anna has encouraged and continues to encourage us to be bold and love people without hesitation or holding back,” Amelia said. “Anna, by who she is, inspires us to be ourselves. Anna once said ‘Drop what the world deems as acceptable and do something spectacular — love one another.’”

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