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Alex Jones
August 8, 1996 — February 19, 2017

Silver Taps: Alex Jones

A loving friend, son who transformed the world around him

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Remembered for his selflessness, compassion and never-ending pursuit to better the world, Alex Jones will continue to live on in the hearts of loved ones closest to him.

As a triple major in political science, economics and international studies, a Texas A&M Ross Volunteer and the recently announced 2017-2018 Aggie Band Commander, Alex had talents which constantly intersected with his desire to help those around him.  

Bettina Jones, Alex’s mother, said Alex had a wide range of interests and cared deeply for those he loved.

 “Alex has always been a very energetic person — a very high achiever,” Bettina said. “He always wanted to make everybody happy. He had a great sense of humor and was very mischievous. When someone was sad he would always come up with a small prank to make them laugh. He really loved his friends and family and he loved languages and traveling. He was very athletic and loved to run and loved the outdoors.”

In addition to having strong relationships with his friends, Alex’s father Cecil “Burt” Jones said he and Alex always had a special bond.

“He was my buddy; we did a lot of things together and he was always up for an adventure,” Burt said. “One time I was talking about going hunting when he was young and he said, ‘Well when are you going to take me hunting?’ So we took hunting classes together and we both qualified to be hunters in Texas. Anything I wanted to do he wanted to do, too. He would always make time for me and I would make time for him.”

Alex Jones

 Bettina said Alex’s plan to join the Air Force after graduation was brought on by his desire to improve the world he lived in.

 “He loved the Air Force,” Bettina said. “On [Feb.16] he’d heard he had a pilot slot with the Air Force. He had taken flying lessons last year because he said he wanted to be sure he wasn’t afraid of heights. He said he wanted to join the Air Force, not just to be a pilot and fly around, but to portray America in a positive light and make friends around the world and somehow make peace.”

 While Alex’s career goal was to join the Air Force, it was Alex’s passion for band which was one of his earliest and strongest displays of determination.

 “We went to church when he was little and there was a trumpet concert and he just listened to it and was really patient and he said, ‘This is really beautiful mom, I think this is the music of the angels,’” Bettina said. “And so he said from when he was six years old, ‘I want to learn how to play the trumpet.’ In sixth grade when they got to try out with instruments the trumpet was not his talent, and it was unacceptable to him. He said he was going to try until he was good enough to play the trumpet … starting seventh grade he was first chair and that never changed again.”

While Alex has always had a wide range of interests, Bettina said a constant in Alex’s life was his understanding of the importance of kindness toward others.

“When he was in high school band in ninth grade he didn’t like how the seniors were belittling the freshman so he said to the band director, ‘I’ll quit band unless that changes,’” Bettina said. “Since then the high school is still doing special things for incoming ninth graders. Every ninth grader has a 12th grade friend who helps them navigate the first year of high school, and they’re calling it the ‘Alex Jones method.’”

 Bettina said it was times like these when Alex truly lived out his life motto.

 “Alex’s motto was, ‘Life is a team-sport, where everyone is supposed to give the best of themselves to make the world a better and happier place,’” Bettina said. “If you give your best, then you have done your part and have nothing to worry about.”

In order to continue Alex’s legacy of helping others, Bettina and Burt, with the assistance of the Texas A&M Foundation, will establish a scholarship in Alex’s name for a Cadet studying International Relations.

Gifts may be made payable to:

Texas A&M Foundation 401 George Bush Dr. College Station, TX 77840

Please make a note in the memo line of “Alex Jones ’18 Memorial Fund.”

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