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December 26, 1996 — April 26, 2018

Silver Taps: Alan Chuong Ton

A committed friend and supportive classmate

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Alan Ton

Always caring for everyone around him, Alan Chuong Ton went out of his way to support his friends, family and everyone he met.

A biomedical sciences senior, Alan excelled in academics through high school and beyond, making the dean’s list at Texas A&M. Biomedical sciences senior Ryley Stewart said Alan was always willing to help fellow classmates.

“I met him my freshman year and I believe we had every class together,” Ryley said. “He tutored me and he was a genius but that doesn’t do him justice. He could read one page once and he could have it all memorized in five minutes.”

Alan was taking steps to become an oral surgeon and was a part of the A&M Pre-Dental Society. Caitlyn Hornsby, nutrition senior and president of the Pre-Dental Society, said Alan was always involved and ready to step up if needed.

“He would always make everyone happy and he was very energetic,” Caitlyn said. “Alan was part of my committee for Project Smile, an after-school service project for dental education for kids. I remember when we had all the kids and there was this one little girl that didn’t want to participate and was pouting on the side but Alan went with her and the whole time during the program he sat with her and was talking to her and I would look over and see her laughing and he was really pepping her up and making her feel a lot better.”

When Alan was not focusing on classes, his mother Ashley Ton said he was in Cypress with his loved ones or enjoying his favorite sport.

“He loved tennis,” Ashley said. “He played whenever he had free time and he was involved with the student-run 5k. He picked A&M so he could come back and spend time with his family and his daughter whenever he had the chance. He was proud to be an Aggie.”

According to Ryley, Alan always set time aside for his friends and loved ones. She said the extra five minutes he invested in someone went a long way.

“I know one time, me and my boyfriend had broken up and I had just told him in passing,” Ryley said. “On his way from class before a meeting he had, he dropped off three things of ice cream, flowers, a teddy bear and a bunch of stuff and he was just like ‘ok I can’t stay but here’s a bunch of stuff and I’ll come by after my meeting is done.’ He was very very thoughtful and caring and very considerate and always wanted to know what was going on with you and if there was anything that he could do for you.”

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